Saturday, February 26, 2005

Life Lesson # 12

It has rained in the greater Delaware Valley for about the last 1.50 weeks with the exception of Sunday. Today the sun is out and the sky is filled with puffy white is a smashing day.
In retail you go to the bank everyday and make your deposit, today was no went something like this:
walk in bank....Mike the teller: Hi, can I help you Tate...Good morning Mike how are you...ok, thanks and you...I am INCREDIBLE, THANK YOU!....he smiles...good he says...hey Mike I say, yes he replies...did you see the sky today it is the actual color of the sky blue in the crayola box. I didn't notice he says....he said that he didn't notice the sky...HOW CAN YOU NOT NOTICE THE SKY!
It is all encompassing.