Wednesday, January 17, 2007

15 minutes or less of fame

The link above will take you to a clip of one of the Southwest Airline Commercials I did.


I'm the one with the hat.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

and counting

today and tomorrow

think about it with me will you? today is just precious. sure I have things to do...some enjoyable and some not but all in all the day has a beauty to it. it's absolutely precious...every single solitary second of it. the coffee on my desk tastes bitter and yet warm and friendly. the music is mellow and enjoyable and the 53 degrees on a wet January morning is certainly worth seeing. the butterfly bush out my window has had new leaves for 2 + weeks now. the sun is strong and brite.

every day, like a life placed upon God is new. God is there folks. I feel him, I know him and if you are having problems finding him let me know.

this day i s a gift for me...I am going to try my best to live it for Him who gives the same will ya?


Thursday, January 11, 2007

ipods wireless mice and too many trains

Within the hour I will have broken the 9,800 song mark. 10,000 is soon to be mine. This is a definite example of how one should not be. Unlike the widow at the well I am hoarding my music and storing it on several hard drives (three). 9,800 songs is 38 GB. That's a lot of hard drive.
Pray for me. Frankly if I did lose all of my music it would be ok. Really it would. I like new beginnings.

My oldest son gave me a wireless mouse for my new (work's) laptop and I am AMAZED at it's functionality. It is super cool!!

Today I traveled to DC.
Patco Hi-Speedline to Philly
Taxi to 30th St Station
Amtrak Regional 138 to DC
Metro Subway from Union Station to Pentagon City and back again
Amtrak 93 from DC to 30th St.
Septa's R7 Regional from 30th St Station to Patco @ 8th and Market
Patco Hi-Speedline back to Jersey and my daughter picked me up @ the station.
Most exhilarating moment of the day...

Seeing a bald eagle on the banks of the Delaware river whilst on the return trip to Philly.
It was about 3 miles south of the Commodore Barry Bridge.
It was a beauty.

Life is peachy campers....make the best of every opportunity and remember you create the opportunities they don't always come to you.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

blogger has changed

sorry for the delay in posting....apparently blogger changed and so did the way to access blogger.

hope the holidays treated everyone well.

i am about as busy as one could get. the day is stunning.....our new thermometer in our Scion XB read 117.3, i like the decimal.
can't wait to blow the top off the thermometer during the summer. How much hotter can it get in a car?

be well people....looking forward to church tomorrow.

May God bless you all!