Thursday, October 31, 2013


It's October 31st with a slight morning overcast and beautiful fall colors.

I have scanned a listing of friends in the facebook world and there are plenty whose name evokes a memory, people whom I miss and then there are people who have passed.

I remember the first facebook friend who passed....seeing people share memories in John's status.

What will they write when we pass?

What will it matter?

I am touched by several things this morning.
I am not sure it matters to me what anyone writes or thinks of me. Accolades are always nice, but I can't help but think, as much as peer pressure, even for this 50 year old man is real, I can't help but think, of things that really

My shoes don't matter
Nor does the color or lack of hair.

What matters is today - the here and now
the leaves
the people - the people we have left
what matters is love and understanding and peace (I think there's a song in there somewhere)

Those names that scrolled by, well some are gone - I miss them - it can hurt
there is pain in this world. and then I look at the leaves. I am in awe. and I long for another day when I will be in awe.

"the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us" God

Friday, October 25, 2013

at the end of the day

I guess at the end of the is normal to fear death

but I don't


I  don't

I long for heaven

I long for a world that doesn't have

hurtpaindiseasesickness and death

that world exisits

do you #believe

Saturday, October 19, 2013

met a man today

met a man today

told me he had a terrible week

he has four children

he is from west chester, he lives in boston

a) he stopped to help someone in a car accident at 230 am,while stopped, his car got hit and was totaled
b) his father passed away
c) while at his father's and making arrangements, work called- "we are not renewing your contract, take your time at your father's, you no longer work for us" they said

to say there is not a God, a God who loves and is giving would be crazy. He just wants us to love Him as close to unconditionally as we can, for that is how He loves us.


And then you wake-up and it's a new day. Maybe it's overcast, or the sun is bright or it's still dark out. nonetheless you are awake,.

What's to happen next. What do you want to see happen next.

What are the choices.

we always have choices - always