Wednesday, December 31, 2008

cont. from yesterday

I long to see you so that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to make you strong— that is, that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other's faith.
Romans 1

If you read the letter I posted below from my good friend....then you should understand the above verse.

This is just part of what we are called to do.

E N C O U R A G E one another

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

a copy of a letter from a friend

The real "Big Man" is a coming and He won't be dressed in red and white. He'll be burnished bronze and riding a white Horse. He is indeed Faithful and True to us my brother, isn't He. :) How you are a blessing to me. The CD being the latest example of your encouragement. I am glad that the Lord has blessed you through me Tate. Truly, it is I that has been the most blessed I think. Because you have served and given more. Your passion for life and living in the moment has taught me to really evaluate my perfectionism and need to "be right." Wow. Talkin' about being hit by a 2x4. :)Anyway, continue lovin' and livin' my brother. Consider this email the closest thing to a kiss planted on your cheek my friend. To Tate Perazzelli...a true Italian stallion in the faith. A blessing to many. One who indeed had a "lust for life" and more importantly a "lust" (love) for the Life-Giver and the Life that is truly Life. Press on my brother. Press on. Chet

MY WORDS---let's ALL just keep on keeping on and encouraging one another!! Love, Tate

Saturday, December 27, 2008

ol' man winter

I miss summer. Don't get me wrong...I love winter, but I miss summer because I love to watch things grow. I need to see the change of seasons and I LOVE snow & even ICE, but I miss my garden---really miss it.
I don't really have anything amazing in my garden. Some people comment that it looks cool. I really think that my rock garden in the front of the house takes away from the "curb appeal"...oh well....I like it. I love to weed and plant and watch things go and honestly....I hardly ever water-EVER. If you can't make it in my garden, you die. I don't give my plants and special treatment. I figure we don't get any so I am not going to give them any.
Of course there are always exceptions; if I plant you in the middle of the hot summer I am going to get you some water.

Today I did some minor garden work.....ahhhhh...the joy.

I miss my Shangri La.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


When you name something...or someone it is important. It looks like a small group of people (myself included) are going to name themselves. We are a band. We do it for fun....and it has blossomed.
I named my 1st child...Sean; it's a bit of a long story, but let's just say he shares his birthday with John & Sean Lennon and John Lennon wrote a song for his son called "Beautiful Boy".
I gave my favorite daughter her middle name...Alison after a song by the same name.
And our final child was given a letter as his middle name....legally my wife changed the letter to a name and hid it from me, much to my angst, but to me, he will always be; Taylor "J".

I have named many groups of people that have been formed to change the thinking and passions of men and now...with great glee we are on the verge of naming a band.

In some ways it has importance and in others it doesn't.

It will be a collective decision; if and when we get to that point and my choice is as simple as it gets--- House Band

May you all have ,or be included in a house band and if we ever perform around or near you, you are a part of us...House Band,

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Elaine is sitting on the far left. This pic was taken the nite of the church Christmas party. We did a big production for the talent show with our house band performing complete with slide show and the lyrics to Lean on Me showing. The pics were of lots of members of the church and it solidified this church as a family, a body, an imitation of Christ. We had everyone sing along to the classic Bill Withers tune, and they did.
Back to Lainey...Elaine. Elaine lost her father over a year ago. Her nearest blood relative is her brother in Tennessee.
After covering Lean on Me and watching the slide show everyone started cleaning up and reassemblying the auditorium.
Elaine approached me and said this:
"People ask me all the time why I don't move down to be with my brother and I always answer them with...I can't leave my church, it's my family"
I am happy to report I feel the same. My church is my family. I love them so much. We experience so much together. I love my dad, mom, brothers & sisters, but there is something about that bond of Christ that surpasses all.
Thank you Elaine, thank you.

Friday, December 12, 2008

I know Neil Young

I feel like I know Neil Young. I think he is an amazing songwriter and he is playing @ the original Spectrum tonite with another fine band, Wilco. I have known about this show for months and have been trying to get an ebay deal for a tix for a while. I have not been able to get one. I could still buy one in the 70+ range, it's just a lot of money and I don't know why I won't pull the trigger, but I won't.

When I play the guitar I like to try and play a lot of his songs....very introspective. I like Neil. His music strikes a chord with the working man who likes to have a good time and he has crossed so many genres of music in his career.

I thought it was odd that when I went out of my hotel room into the lobbied Starbucks to get my joe, Down By the River was playing....really freaked me out. Full moon tonite too. Man, maybe I will spring for a tix....

Who knows....

Thursday, December 11, 2008


listening to people wondering what truth is, but only hearing what it is they want to hear.

talking to people about the truth while they hear the lies.......trying to find a crack, a sliver of a crack to let the truth explode into them like a crack of thunder in the night sky with lightening lighting up all there is to see like Christ long as your eyes are open to see.

Monday, December 08, 2008

what the day may bring

I took the day off which means I answered a few phone calls for work and kind of spent some time with the most beautiful as well as going to my guitar lesson and answering/composing a few well needed emails.


Yes, we have a purpose to spread the life-saving message of Chirst and we also have a responsibility to encourage one another, build each other up.

We are always judging, taking issue with others.

Why aren't we just building others up?

So I went to my guitar lesson with a professional rock kidding on that one and came to several conclusions.
1. I do want an electric and I want an American made Telecaster used is more then fine.
2. Giving encouragment to someone and then seeing what effect that encouragement has can be MIND BLOWING!
3. people can't see the forest through the trees.

I have a LOT on my mind right now...all really good stuff....just hard to make sense of it to you, but let it be known-----readers far and wide and I know there are quite a few of you.

I love you all and am thankful for your faith.

Praise be to God!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

love and the triple mocha

A triple café mocha cappuccino once every three days can add up to $400 a year.
It all adds up to hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars each year.

This giant redwood tree survived hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years by simply using basic things that God has provided. Sunlight, water and soil.
This tree has never, ever purchased a triple cafe mocha cappuccino or even my favorite the carmel macchiattio. God gives you and the tree what you need to survive.
What is it that you need to live on this earth.....maybe a bit more then the tree, some clothes to keep you warm?
When you see other trees as magnificent as this opps I mean, when you see other people as beautiful as God, since He made them in His image....reachout to them.
I don't think the tree ever needed love, but I do, and He loves me and I love you, all of you.