Monday, October 31, 2005

Life Lesson # 73

If you should ever be homeless make sure to get a dog...the people that pass by you will have more sympathy for the dog then you and you will get more coins that way.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Ya gotta love R-n-R....huh?? Music makes me dance-sing-shout and jump about, how about you??

Hope all is well with has been busy lately...non-stop excitment.
the sky was the color of sky blue in the crayola box the last two days...smashing!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

what's for dinner...

Breakfast is for dinner....VT bacon sizzled up with pancakes and maple syrup from the sugar doesn't get much better. Anyone else out there eat breakfast for dinner??

A good friend of mine was in a car accident today... he also got a ticket and is a relatively new driver...since we live in NJ that means surcharges....but what matters here is:
A. Everybody was ok 'cept the can be replaced people can't
B. Pray for him....he is also looking for a job

On an another note...a good friend of mine (BTW I love being 42 years old and having lots of friends...I think it is because of our belief in Christ) has asked for prayers for a man I can certainly understand that...pray for all the men that are close to you for their spiritual purity.

and lastly....pray for my son, Sean....he is having some struggles and needs encouragement.

and the last comment for today is....when they went to the tomb....the stone was rolled away and there stood two very bright people...I read it, I believe it. The book of Luke...awesome book....truly awesome....go read it! just read one little chapter in certainly won't hurt

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Late Sun (not really)


So it's Sun evening and daylight savings kicks in next week which means it will get darker faster. I don't like when it gets darker earlier but what can you do Pres. Nixon is the one who started this in order to save on energy you think we would have changed from fossil fuels to solar and electric by's only been about 30 years since he instilled the changes when they knew then that petroleum was going to give us supply problems!

I have a concert hall across the street from my house and Buddy Guy is performing...I should have probably gotten tix's he is a classic blues player.
Went to Stand Your Ground youth rally yesterday and all I can say is that when you surround yourself with like minded truth seekers it certainly lifts your spirit.

I have some meetings to prepare for tonight and here I am blogging. Enjoy the week campers....we have "Wilma" and "Alpha" to contend with this week....go out and change someone's life for the better...

Friday, October 21, 2005

Life Lesson # 848

Good Day!
Amazing thoughts today....I have lived by many mantras and here is one you can all learn by; my house is your house or as I like to put it, mi casa su casa.
My children have teased me about that for a long time but I think they are learning from it. Our house has had a long-standing open door policy and the payback from this is unreal. It can certainly be painful sometimes and our house is at times not-fit for visitors but no one ever minds it and in fact people really enjoy coming here. I don't post this for kudos I post this so that you (insert name here) may learn to open your doors at all times and do not shutter yourself in your house. If you do not have an open door, and I mean wide-open door policy then you are missing a portion of fellowship that is priceless. Last nite was priceless...mainly cause I had a coupla friends over the house and it was never like they were over....they were a part of the family.
I guess I am trying to say love one another and be receptive and understanding and don't let an unswept floor or dirty dishes on the sink detract from having guests.
It's raining today and the rain is beautiful.
Matt I have been meaning to read that Dylan post and will soon.
I will be listening to Gorillaz on the way to work today.
Pray for people today especially those you do not get along with or those who do not get along with you.
Adam....great scripture reading last nite you certainly have inspired me to think of myself as more then a grasshopper. Gotta shower and git to work!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

mmmmmm......good coffee!

Did anyone hug anyone yesterday~~~

If not, you certainly missed the was a wonderful experience.

With today brings Wilma and before Wilma was an earthquake and before that were other hurricanes and a tsunami and bombings and ________.

Yesterday was not an enjoyable day (work wise) till about 4:30 after that it was all good.
I enjoyed worship and bible class and although our spiritual leadership meeting was very heavy, it was good. I miss my son. He is only away at college yet I miss him.

Here is today's challenge!

As you interact with work and family stop and listen. Listen to what others say.
shhhhh....listen. Hear what they say.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


whoa i have like 45 seconds to pic today kiddo's!!

i have repurchased an ipod....quite happy w/it but more on that later.

today's question...

will you hug someone who DOES NOT expect a hug from you today???

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

what advantage does a man have in all his work which he does under the sun?

Hi ho, hi ho it's off to work I go....

what will happen today...who will I meet, how will I shine like Christ today?

The opportunities that I seek are not to gain success as the world sees it but to gain success for Christ. I am content with what I have and only seek to impact others so that that they to, may be content.
Anyone can do my job. I do love my job, but anyone can do it. My job is an opportunity to work for God and to let others know that is how I work. God always blesses my family even in difficulties that I seen unable to overcome.
What words will you impart to others today that will effect them in such a way that they will know Jesus Christ?
What wisdom will God grant you in today's walk?
What understanding will you have when looking at other people...people less fortunate then you and people more fortunate then you??
They are all people...they are all loved by God and therefore loved by you...if you believe.

Monday, October 17, 2005

question of the hour

quick name all of your pets that you have owned that have ever had names....

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

where i'm going

I will be traveling to world famous Tunbridge VT for some fall foliaging and taking advantage of some r-n-r (rock n roll). The beautiful one will be with me and we are so outta here! The bottom photo according to the ever reliable world wide web is an actual photo of Tunbridge VT. I was able to get a house at a reasonable rate and it is quite rural. Below is a link to the house on CyberRentals. .
I went to the library and took out a few books...we will have no TV and we are hoping to be worshiping w/Conestoga Valley CoC on Sunday and returning to Southern New Jersey late Sun afternoon...have no fear the Eagles have a bye....not sure why a team gets two byes in a row but I guess that's what happens.

SURVIVOR IS SCHEDULED AS ALWAYS...not sure if Aryn will fry the hot peppers up. Taylor say's he is serious 'bout the guitar it might be a good time to figure out if he really wants to play on guitar nite while I am away.

quick question

Not too long ago I posted a question on who you would like to meet. now I want to know who you have met? People that others should know or recognize...I have met all of the people pictured including Dr J, Bobby Knight and Ron Jaworski. I did have actual conversations with the people I have listed. I was probably most taken aback by Jaws...least impressed with Bobby Knight and Dr J.
Julianna Moore was very, very nice. At the time I met Jaws the Eagles had not been back to the NFC Championship game and when I realized I was ringing him up...saw the ring and his stature....whoa! It's Ron Jaworski....I thanked him profusely and then thanked him again. He was a pretty cool guy. The other people posted are my two sons meeting Sam Brown from Exploding Dog, Sam inspired my older son Sean to also publish his heartart @ and the other photo is me super imposed between two guys from Velvet Revolver....I met them this past spring in Cleveland when I attended the Springsteen concert....the last guy with a guitar is Phil Keaggy....awesome guitar player...I promoted a concert of his in my very short lived concert promoter career (it didn't work out).

news flash

I posted here just a few short weeks ago that a good friend of mine went in for an operation for potential thyroid cancer. Apparently her tests came back positive and she will be undergoing a 2nd operation for it's removal as well as taking some drinkable chemo thing. I have been praying for her to be healed. The results although not good turn out that the form and location of the cancer are very good and very treatable and considered to be a very good success rate. All that aside I continue to pray for her healing. Her and her husband our counted among our best friends.

Hi, ho Silver!!

Wow....too many things to do.
This going away stuff can be stressful. So I briefly heard, on the news that 13 people were killed in flooding in New Hampshire. The natural disasters seem to be at an all time high.
Things to do (non-work related)
1. drop off car for quick check
2. stop at pharmacy and pick up drugs (we are getting old, people)
3. vacuum my dad's truck and drop it off w/gas.
4. pack
5. possibly stop at library
6. hope that my gift card from my warranty for the ipod comes in so I can have cool music to listen to while driving and in our house rental.
7. do minor food shopping
8. call dryer repair guy to fix the dryer
9.feed Silver
10. give Tonto instructions on what he should do while we are away.
11. Call Taylor (Tail's are u reading this??) and get him to unload the dishwasher and make iced tea.
12. prepare my blog entry to be posted while I am away. (unlike other bloggers)
13. last but not least....go thru this list and try to remember what else I wanted to get on it...
enjoy the is after all October 11, 2005
make where ever you are, your own little paradise

Monday, October 10, 2005

Hey there Georgy Girl!

I have been out of coffee for three days and having to purchase large cups of hot coffee from stores in order to suffice my I will be stopping @ my favorite bean supplier... can't wait!

My ipod lasted me 13 months of very heavy my extended warranty refund (full value) s/b appearing...I have missed my ipod and am not sure what "new" version I will get. I had a 15 gig 3rd generation.

I need to finalize my fall foliage plans instead of blogging.

I have been praying a lot more then normal lately and I like it. I feel so much closer to God.

Yesterday was my oldest son's 21st b-day. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!
I miss my nieces that live in Arkansas.

The power of fellowship is amazing.
Positive encouragement breeds confidence. Confidence breeds self-assuredness and self-assuredness begats courage and with courage comes risk and with risk comes adventure and with adventure comes happiness and with happiness comes bliss.

I have been really enjoying playing the guitar.....I think I am obsessed.
BTW the chords to Georgy Girl by the Seekers is currently too hard for me.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I have too many passwords and usernames. I use one for my home phone, cell phone, work voice mail, work email, two personal emails, eBay account, debit card, PayPal account,
blog site(s), alarm code @ work, cash register passwords, log-on password for work PC, work unix access...I live for the day of retina scans. I am sure I am missing at least another dozen. If I ever get alzheimers...I am done. The goverment needs to step in and make passwords a uniform length. This one having to have a number and letter etc...has to stop....I need uniformity...wait! Did I just say that??? Me??? Strike that!

Albeit tentative it looks like I am going to be closing this blog down or in the least doing fewer postings. Reasonings...due to a lack of time on this life is just a mist as God has told me and I need to make better use of my time. So for the faithful...check out the sneak preview of a new blog space...This space does not go public till next week so keep it quite shhhhhh!


All you need is love...
give love
show love
see love
be love
be Christ

Monday, October 03, 2005

Today's Question

If you could meet any one living person who would it be?

My answers have ranged from Robin Williams to Paul McCartney to Stephen King...all people whose "art" I have appreciated.

ticking away the moments that make up a dull day

As it goes by what will you do with it.
It is precious
it is short
it is fast
sometimes it is not noticed
other times it is noticed down to super small fractions
the question remains...
how will you best use it?