Saturday, May 31, 2014

5 days of life

This week in pictures was a bit frightening. 

I tried to do three things in a MAJOR way. 

#1- don't complain about anything/anytime/anywhere. Being a daily driver let alone a human proved this extremely difficult. Not to mention my natural sarcastic/fictitious persona. 

#2- treat others how I want to be treated. this was BEYOND difficult, however as I practiced number one, I found number two, to get easier. 

#3- not to judge others for their appearances and actions, AGAIN beyond difficult. 

As I put all three of these practices together I would find each of these items, as you may, became easier or less prevalent in my daily life. 

"what once was hurt, what once was friction, what left a mark, no longer stings, because Grace makes beauty out of ugly things"  U2

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


The other morning I was reading about how one persevere's, especially through suffering and how suffering produces character and it is through that character we get hope.

Hope is being sure of something we cannot see. And having hope comes from troubles.

I do think it is through those troubles and how we look at them that we get character and hope.
I guess this brings us back to the heart.
God tells us to guard our heart for it is the wellspring of all life- it is from where everything flows. . And God tells us the heart is deceitful above all things. Hence the guarding.
The take-away's; perseverance through suffering can build your character and from that you can develop heart, but I do think you have to be guarding your heart first and foremost in order to get character and than hope.

Protect your heart like a keeper protects his goal. Protect it like a  knight protects his Queen.

Protect your heart for that is from where-hence all things of your very being flow.

God bless you.

((listening to Chicago "Feelin' Stronger Every Day" and "Here in My Heart"))

Monday, May 05, 2014

random notes to self

a) are we called to convince others of Christ or represent Christ?

b) when you learn to accept yourself, than you learn to accept

c) appreciate everyone, everywhere, always, all the time

d) believe in others John 11:25 ((think about it))

e) Nooma means wind, breath, air, spirit

f) Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the president. God's word (I  substituted president)

g) my own selfishness is my biggest downfall

h) three subjects that fascinate me - the "heart", "confidence", "motivation"

i) raising my family has been my greatest challenge

j) raising my family is my greatest achievement it is where I find the source of my happiness.