Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


So what a weekend of football----I may actually start to like Norv Turner....Those Charger's---wow did they ever play with meaning.

And how 'bout those Cowboys!!!!

Eli is the real deal folks....I have thought he was and I still maintain that...very talented.

So the flurries are falling and they are big flakes----really beautiful.

see them

Thursday, January 10, 2008


so much to post and so little time

tick,tick, tick, tick

the phone rang and a single mom asked me to help her daughter (Lania) make a square in Word. It wasn't easy to gain her trust....with a little help from paint----done.

Leaving underwear @ Yolonda's alley where she sleeps. She likes to change her underwear even if she doesn't have a bathroom to shower.

@ the ripe age of 44 (soon to be 45) learning to accept my position, my pay. It isn't easy.

Adara and Nathaniel-----a story within itself. Thank you Lord for them, and their desire to be better.

Adam's new music http://www.myspace.com/musicforgiants go ahead, make someone's day and buy his four songs.....they are good.

A person giving of herself-----which in turn leads to LEADING----okay I will explain.
Anahi is an assistant manager and her staff had their hours cut by half which means less $$ for them. Anahi took it upon herself to lessen her hours to give them to her staff.......made me cry. It really did. That is leadership.

Leading isn't leading it's serving. Serve HARD!

the lost...the lost....makes me want to cry....RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW. Maybe I am wrong....but God....you know GOD the one who created the universe sent His Son here.....and then.....His Son....died. Crucified. there is so much more to life---eternal life---A GIFT.

Accept it.
Rejoice in it.
Sleep well.....sleep well.....
oh LORD I am yours....shape me, mold me, use me as you see fit.
I am, but a mere man on this earth........let not my desires get in Your way.

go ahead----SCREAM IT
Jesus is the son of God

that being done---live it.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

the fish tank needs cleaning

ah yes, another day. Another day to accomplish the goals of the world and my own selfish needs OR will I look to inspire others to greatness by humbly serving them.

the day is scrumptious...the kind of day you cherish and enjoy. two things help in setting the ambience of a day-
1. location
2. weather

the biggest unmentioned factor in this is attitude.

sure.....we control that ourselves and it is our ability to see the beauty in rain or to see beyond the smog encrusted walls of the city.

i think I just taught myself something that I am always telling others. it is the mind of my own that will set pace for the day/week/month.

that can be a lot of pressure....or is it?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

love is the answer

A photo, that, to me, means love.
My good friend Gerry after baptising his daughter several years ago.
The look on Gerry's face says it all.
Tonight I interceeded by request, in a dispute between two young siblings.
It was rough.
The solution was amazing.
Love, love, love.
Love is not always mushy either.
Sometimes love is tough.
In this case it was both.....mushy and tough.
The final answer will not be known for a lifetime for God judges the heart in the end
But after the dispute,
after the formality and others had disappeared
the hugs were returned,
they embraced back.
The hardened hearts or what were thought to be hardened hearts,
embraced back
love cures
love loves
I know it sounds easy
I know it doesn't always seem to work
but true,
unconditional love,
will always prevail
even if you think you failed
love prevails
love is Christ