Tuesday, October 31, 2006

TOP 10

Join the fray...
So my son, Taylor asks me where Queen ranks in the top bands of all time list.
I figure Queen is underrated in America and overtly appreciated in England.

This is all I have so far...
Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd

Classic Rock??? Who me?
Which reminds me....add The Who to that list.

Who I would put on the list that others might not agree with:
Bill Withers...go ahead name two songs he did!
Electric Light Orchestra
Bruce Springsteen
Neil Young

At one time I would have included Radiohead in that list...today, not so sure, I really don't know their music well enough.
Growing up I would have also included The Police in that mix, but what about David Bowie and Hendrix??
And there is always Chicago...am I showing my age?
and then I think....what about Christian music...hmmm top Christian band for me??? Hmmm....Rich Mullins is an easy choice, but I am really liking the Newsboys and David Crowder and Audio Adrenaline (BTW--they are breaking up) has certainly been around.
I guess the Newsboys would be the fave next to Burlap to Cashmere whose one album is amazing just like you.

1st signs of Christmas

It happened this past weekend while roaming the aisles of Home Depot in preparation for my school um....my son's school project. They had Christmas displays out. I also saw a commercial for which I cannot remember the product advertised and it featured a Christmas song with funky lyrics. Christmas is here and the trees are not even fully naked yet!

enjoy the day....it is AWESOME!

What I lost today...

Ok...here we go again...NO, I did not find anything I lost as of yet and we can add my keys to the mix.
1. My new $70 Merrell shoes still lost, lost during the roof escapade.
2. My Nikon D-50 camera battery charger. I ordered a new one off of ebay yesterday.
3. My keys.

ahhh.....life is grand!

Monday, October 30, 2006

What I lost today...

as continued from before....

no, I stil have not found my brand new Merrell shoes that I paid 70.00 for. They have been lost for about three weeks.

I have been very good lately usually finding things before I post and not needing to post about "what I lost" but, alas...my camera battery charger has been lost for about 8 or 9 days. I think it is really lost but then again I think everything is always really lost.
I am gong to buy another one today. My camera has been dead for about a week.

...to be continued

the drip, drip

1st and foremost let me say....it is a stunning Monday....a drop-dead gorgeous day like my wife!
Recap---alrighty readers fasten your seat belts or as my sis-in-law Chris calls them: safety-belts.

1. Friday....boss calls, the owner' son is rowing in Philly tomorrow....don't go out of your way but she will be stopping in the stores...yup, I met w/her...went well.
2. Third Day,David Crowder...well I messed up again! We only caught the last two songs of Crowder 'cause I wanted to make sure we ate (we did). Now I know where to eat in Hellertown, Pa. The breaking of bread was great since 16 of us traveled to the show....but my know it all attitude did not help when we arrived to the center @ 7:09PM for a 6:00PM start. CHRISTIANS being prompt!! UGH! We missed the opener, Hyperstatic Union and caught the close of David Crowder (no encore). Crowder was rockin' the house so hard that the arena was swaying. Third Day was good but, I have a hard time forgiving myself.
Passed a Dunkin' Donuts on the way home...it was 10:12 and they were closed....good thing America really runs on 4 & 5 dollar coffees from Starbucks down the road.
3. Sun was uneventful other then......I have almost completely taken out all of my trash. My roof is almost all gone...1-2 more weeks should do it as long as the trashmen don't get suspicious.
4. Sun nite....WENT TO MOE'S--'nuff said.
5. As I arose to the stunning day hereafter known as Monday....as I walked beneath our bathroom as my most beautiful wife showered...the distinct noise penetrated my ear...
drip drip drip
Yes, home repair is calling my name. That is why my living room ceiling has been buckling.
Enjoy your day!

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Messerli was suspended for two days without pay and four days with pay for grabbing a Park High senior's soccer jersey and pulling it over his head and giving the student a "wedgie" by pulling up on the waist band of his underwear. The incident happened on Oct. 5 at a junior varsity soccer game.

Messerli cried Monday as he read a statement to the board and the public.

"I've made mistakes in my life, but none have had the impact that this one has had," he said.

He said his first reaction was to resign, but he wanted to "tackle this mess" head on.

"I want to live in a world where we don't have to hide when we screw up," he said

love and forgiveness.....aren't they beautiful?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Looks like we are going to have a fantastic rock-n-roll kinda day!

#1. It is Tuesday
#2. I have 2nd row tixs to see Paul Simon @ the Tower with MY dad?!
That will mean I have attended a rock concert with each of my parents! Wow, that is so cool....the only thing cooler would have been if they would have dragged me to a rock concert. Back in 80 or 81 (yeah, I was born in 1963) I took my mom to see Electric Light Orchestra in what was dubbed the "Big Night". That is when they had the flying saucer for their Out of the Blue album. I really dig ELO. One of my faves of all time. It was a great show. So I remember growing up and hearing Simon and Garfunkel on the radio while I w/b with my dad. He would be singing Mrs. Robinson or other tunes while driving. So when I heard that Paul Simon would be playing the intimate 3,500 seat Tower and the chances of getting seats w/b big....I jumped....the amazing thing is, ebay is amazing. I was able to get 2nd row seats for less then face value. UNREAL!
#3. Looks like a serious job change description is going to take place within the next month....PRAY, PRAY, PRAY....What are we praying for you ask? Do I want the job? Do I want the raise....well, I am not sure of what I want other then I want what God wants. If I can impact people in DC for Him and further His kingdom then....BRING IT ON. It's not about me.

#4. I hope and pray all of you are well.....read your bible today it is the MOST amazing book in the world! It will change your life for the better. It is the most amazing book ever written.

Peace, love and Jimmi Hendrix!


Saturday, October 21, 2006


Today is a day to clean the remaining roof trash up and garden. Really the garden is starting to close down for the year but I have a lot of general garden stuff to do. I might try to get some pics later.
If all goes as planned....I will work on a potential plumbing leak later and then go to Moe's for dinner and follow that with a Barnes and Noble trip.

One note-
Fall is pure and simple. The colors on the trees...RED--YELLOW--GREEN--BROWN--ORANGE...the trees are fantastic and in just a short few weeks they will be naked. But, right now they are so beautiful I cannot find words to express it. Keep looking at the leaves....glimpse the beauty.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Today is EXTRA special

Dearest reader....I know you find that just a a tad hard to believe from me. I mean everyday is really special and I work at making sure everyday is as unique as each of you. But today....look out!
1. Clean the house
2. Drove Aryn to work and listened to bootleg Adam Hill.
3. Make the Taylor's lunch
4. Clean the house
6. Get done work by 2:00 and come home and clean the house!
7. Attend Ralph Archbold tribute...my 1st ever 100.00 a plate dinner. Ralph has played Ben Franklin in Philly for 25 years.
8. Come home around 9:00 and CLEAN THE HOUSE
9. Go pick up the most beautiful woman in the world from the airport....wait on the tarmac for her, flowers in hand....and when I see her....you could film it for a movie as I sprint towards her...

2nite THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD RETURNS FROM COSTA RICA--A pure and simple pleasure trip with her friend Donna.
Well....GOTTA RUN---Have to go clean! Love you all! Tater

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

look at all the lonely people where do they all come from?

The US population is @ 300 million. We hit 200 million in 1967.
The Census Bureau counts the population every 10 years. In between, it uses administrative records and surveys to estimate monthly averages for births, deaths and net immigration. The bureau has a "population clock" that estimates a birth every seven seconds, a death every 13 seconds and a new immigrant every 31 seconds. Add it together and you get one new American every 11 seconds.

Think about it for a minute...300 million people. Three-hundred million people. Of that 300 million, you are but 1. One person out of millions and millions.

what do you really hope to accomplish during your very short time here on earth?

ahhhhh world peace.....start by smiling at everyone. :)

Rocktober 17th

Here it comes! Look out!!

Tuesday Rocktober 17th 2006,,,,,,,R U READY????

Move aside or join the rumble....it's going to be a day like no other you have ever had.
I can feel it. It's rocking like never before....I'm so excited I just can't hide it (Ponter Sisters)!

Let's see the Bears lost....nope wait a minute....'da Bears WON w/o scoring a single offensive TD. Today is going to be outstanding for us but, I am not so sure the Cards are going to have a great day....BUT THEY CERTAINLY SHOULD!

Yesterday was Boss Day, the national holiday as designated by Hallmark. Next up is national Harvest Day. But, back to Boss Day. Folks I gotta say this one floored the Tater. My staff gave me a card...whoa, let's back up a second to PURPOSE. My purpose is to love everyone;

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.

I really want to encourage others to be their best. Their absolute best. I want to see them light themselves and others on FIRE. I want them to do this so that they may too, spur others onto greatness. Frankly folks, it's really the will of Jesus Christ I am talking about. His love is the greatest love of all time. If you die to yourself and put His love on and others see that love and follow it...then purpose is complete but, I digress.

So this card was sitting on my desk..."Boss Day", I thought as I opened the card. Forget the Hallmark cover and typed print and jump to the words written by my fellow workers:

"Great leaders inspire people, thanks for inspiring me"

"Thanks for the chance"

"Thanks for alaways believing in us"

"You have always encouraged me"

"You are a great boss and a great friend...I never thought that was possible"

and so on and so forth

my rest is peaceful

i love you all


Monday, October 16, 2006

weekend in the woods

It was a weekend of camping~~hiking~~food~~fellowship~~bonding~~

The smores had peanut-butter in 'em.

Everyone got GOLD STARS!

Rock on!

Friday, October 13, 2006



The area of Buffalo NY awakened to anywhere from 14" of snow to 2'.

Now that's my kinda morning.

Today's snowstorm has set a record for the month of October in the Buffalo /Niagra area.

Detriot apparently also experienced some snowfall affecting the baseball playoff game. Apparently it was such a shocker that their team had made the playoffs that it did in fact snow.

I love calamity...snowstorms....ice storms and even hurricanes. I do not enjoy it when anyone gets hurt but I do enjoy the variety that a good storm can provide.
Snow in particuliar is always a lot of fun.

10. Snow makes the whole world look beautiful and pure

9. You can build your own friend

8. You can swoosh down the Matterhorn

7. You can eat it

6. You can have snowball fights

5. You can put it in a freezer and take it out in July and really hurt someone

4. Some people have never seen it

3. People cannot walk around naked in it

2. You can build a house out of it and live in it

and the #1 reason "why I love snow"

1. Snow makes people who would not have had a conversation, have one


Thursday, October 12, 2006


I saw the Departed on Wednesday nite and it changed my life. I no longer want to see movies like that. I used to think they were entertaining or a slice of real life if you will and while they might be a true view of life the redemption of what I got out of the movie besides wanting to be violent is hard to figure.
I have weighed this out.
I love Braveheart~~Crash~~Saving Private Ryan~~Million Dollar Baby and some of these movies would be questionable in many peoples minds. HOWEVER, movies like Mystic River, Scarface and the Departed did nothing for me except tell me it was ok to smash someones head and not only that but, I would probably be considered cool and even cooler once my had gets smashed in. Hey, I liked The Departed, I laughed, I cringed I got angry and so forth and so on. It was an interesting story but, no good came out of it. When I left the theatre I felt like being violent. I wanted to pick up a trash can and throw it or punch my foot through something. I don't want to feel like that.

I could go on and on about this and debate it eternally for eternity but, it comes down to this:

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.
From the Bible, book of Phillipians

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Oh happy day everyone! Having a non-leaking roof can certainly change your perspective. Boy did I sleep well last nite. it was sweet and I needed it. I feel refreshed and ready to go.
The sun is stunning this AM. Last nite was the 1st real look of the waning full moon that I got, it was full on Sat. It was big and orange around 8:30.
So today folks....I am thankful. Thankful for God and thankfull for you. Enjoy your day!

Monday, October 09, 2006

the roof is done

I still have some minor touch-ups but, for waht it's worth...the roof is done.
I did not have any relevations this time. I did not stand tall on the top of the roof once completed. This was more of a humbling experience.
From ripping it down
Disposing of 30+ bags of HEAVY trash
Stucco the walls
Ceiling collapse
Dry wall the ceiling

and on and on and on

Saturday, October 07, 2006

absolute genius

can you see the wise man simply
living loving quietly
every breath he takes eternity
till the sun turns black

What I lost today (so far)

I cannot find the receipts from Home Depot to return all of the extra stuff purchased during the roof repair.
I looked up their return policy...I s/b ok.

10,000 songs in your pocket

That was the tag line Apple used to sell their ipods. I am on my 3rd ipod. I currently have a 60 gig color video....I think it is a 5th generation.
I am @ 8, 849 songs and counting.
It isn't that ez to get 10,000 songs.

Friday, October 06, 2006

New Segment

If you ever see these....call me, please!! These are my actual keys.

In a effort to keep abreast of the world's quest to be "on point" of the NEXT BIG THING

We are beating everyone to the punch by starting the newest, latest craze to keep YOU dear reader informed of life's twists~~turns and non-stop excitment.

It is called:

What I lost today!
We begin yesterday when @ 1:45PM @ 3rd and Markets St I took an employee to lunch in an effort to bring her to a new level within my region, upon sitting at the table I took my bulky keys and tossed them to the large window sill and as doing so said to self; "self, don't forget that you put your keys there" Ahhhhhh but we all know what happened @ 6:05 PM as I readied myself to depart work....yup...."where are my keys", followed by a frantic thinking process till I remembered the "toss onto the windowsill".
Keys back in possession.
I also have had my headphones missing for 2 days now....this is alarming BECAUSE I had put a back-up set of headphones in my attache' and they are not in my attache'. I think the headphones are in the back of the truck and will determine that once I leave for work today.

I did lose a new pair of shoes this week...I only wore them once. I paid 79.00 for them last week. I can only surmise that they must still be in the house.

That's it for now.


I have been anticipating rain for several days.....the roof is working.

I have truly worked to keep a roof over my families head.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Today's Random Pic

this pic dates back tp 01/06 when we had a retreat @ Camp Manatawny. We were returning the mattresses to their respective cabins.
It was a blast. It was also the morning after the hottest fire I have ever made. IT WAS KILLER HOT....

more roof pics

Sistering the joists
Shingles going on
Just about done


So far thanks to:

These MEN have assisted me in the monster known as my roof

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Salsarita's or Moes'

We had heard there was a new game in town and it was called Salsarita's located in Historic Haddonfield NJ. We had tried to go on Survivor nite last week but, hey, things happen. 1st let me state this; a certain young man by the name of Adam somehow discovered Moe's a while back. When he led us to the promised land (Moe's) we agreed...it was awesome and became the next best thing to Skippy peanut butter (my fave). We have been making the faithful pilgrimage to Moe's just about every two weeks for some time now. Maybe it's the chips or the tomatillo sauce topped with REAL HOT sauce or the names of the entrees or maybe the fact that they only play music by dead people but, whatever it is, we keep coming back. Then we heard about Salsaritas from a certain young lass....namely Nawana. It was much closer then Moe's and sounded promising. We downloaded the menu checked them out on the internet and waited until the timing was right for a journey across Collingswood thru Westmont and into Historic Haddonfield.
Then it happened....we had the chance and took it. We journeyed by way of Scion XB into the "new" (???) Promised Land but, alas, it was not to be.
Chips---they were arguably some of the worst chips to be given. I am a chip man BTW, a man who loves his side of chips be it potato or tortilla...I like 'em and I like 'em stacked high. these chips were equivalent to store brand chips at best. Salsas/sides...ugh...1st nothing was HOT and we all know I like it HOT. The tomatillo sauce was like it came out of a jar...I don't know how Moe's does it but, I could make a meal out of their chips and salsas. The burrito called a "burrito" was pretty tasteless. I think Moe's stuff is FRESH, FRESH, FRESH....Salsaritas is processed yuck. The queso labeled as "cheese" was just that...melted wiz stuff...folks the list goes on and on. Spoiled? Yes, by way of Moe's. The next contender is going to have a lot more ground to make up thanks to Salsaritas.
Bottom Line: I will not be back @ Salsaritas...not even in a pinch. I know it's harsh but, that's the facts...yes Salsaritas was slightly cheaper but it was like a McDonalds on a bad day...just something to eat 'cause you have to (sorry John).

Monday, October 02, 2006

It's Monday Afternoon

I am going to finish up the roof.

1st a quick powernap....12 minutes max....they make a difference. My wife thinks it's being lazier...to me it's a refueling.

BTW---Over the weekend I saw gas for 2.01 per gallon @ Citgo. Did anyone else know that Citgo gas is from Venezula???