Wednesday, November 30, 2005

her sins which are many, have been forgiven, for she loved much; but he who is forgiven little, loves little. luke 7

for the whole law is fulfilled in one word, in the statement, "You shall love your neighbor as yourself". galatians 5

hmmmm....think 'bout it

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Life Lesson #1

My father, always taught me that if I really wanted to; I could jump to the moon. It took me several years to understand what he meant....I would look at the sky and try to figure out what he meant...because I did want to jump to the moon...but I can't, physically I just can't. But after pondering this in my spare time as a youngster I came to this conclusion: If I got a really bouncy trampoline, a space suit and a parachute I could jump to the moon. My father taught me how to think positive and how to see nothing as impossible. It is a great lesson.
Recently at the ripe age of 42 years old I started to play the's fairly hard but I enjoy it. Some songs I desire to play have some finger configurations for chords that are literally impossible.
As my eldest son was home for the big turkey day he sat, getting his haircut and had but no choice to hear his dad struggle to play what I would call songs on the guitar. I came to a point where in learning this one Beatles song where I could NOT get my fingers, no matter how hard I tried to get in the right spots for the chords...I uttered those words that I had taught my children never to say....."I can't get this chord" to which my son, Sean Patrick replied without missing a step as I have replied to him countless times....your right, you can't.
Like my father teaching me....I have taught my can and you can jump to the moon, but only if you want to.

Monday, November 28, 2005

run for your life the monsters are coming....
do you remember being a little guy or girl and being scared of what lurks in the closet? I can remember being poised on my bed with my little phillips head screwdriver in hand and waiting for the mouse to dart across the floor so I could pounce upon the mouse thereby protecting my little sister. never happened, i somehow always fell asleep before the killer mouse ran across the floor in search of my Mr Peanut peanut butter maker.
just thought you might like to know that
Today I hold my wife close most nites....tell her I love her and kiss her goodnite. I tell her everything will be alright. We always kiss each other goodnite. I love her very much...and for some strange reason she loves me.

Friday, November 25, 2005

The blogs are out of control and growing like mad.
I am lovin' it!!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Movie Review #3

Movie Title- Pride and Prejudice
Cinematography- B+
Music- A
Quality of Acting- A
Plot Line- B+
Could not find the web addy...sorry

Well if you don't know the story you will eventually be exposed to it. It was a good movie a bit hard to decipher at times but well done. The piano music used through-out the flick was excellent. This is a date movie or a movie that groups of women go see. When it was over I heard several female groups doing comparisons of this version to the countless other versions out there. I though this was the best version I have seen given the quality of acting and cinematography/music. I noticed many of the women attending the show would give a chuckle at certain times because of something a character said/did and I accounted that to their familiarity with the character. It wasn't a movie I woke up thinking about but it was a romantic. movie. It had a bit of a mysterious twist but with those familiar with the plot, it will be hard to keep them in suspense.

Filmed in England the scenery was beautiful and at times the movie showed some incredible trees. I saw no less then four awesome trees, seriously...
I give the movie an overall rating of a B.
Theatre Review- Ritz 16 Voorhees. Wednesdays at the Ritz tickets are discounted so I was happy. 13.50 for tickets and 8.75 for a large popcorn, a raspberry lemon drink and a Hagen Dazs bar. Total spent 22.25...a bargain!
We got to see Tony Jr. as he bought his tix ( different movie) and that is always a treat. I recommend this movie to date goers or to anyone who loves the whole pride and prejudice story line. The Beautiful One enjoyed the movie.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Not sure why but I am feeling a little mean today. I have had some issues at work that have been bothering me but, that's work. I do not have a post today.

Monday, November 21, 2005

hold my hand and follow least we will be together
.....please.....don't..... let..... go....
hold my hand
believe in me
please believe in me
your hand is fuel for my fire
i may not lead us right
but we will be together
to feel your breath, to feel your touch
to know you are there
to know you believe
to know you follow, to know you love
to know-to know-to know
in the end
this will matter

Saturday, November 19, 2005

he's coming home!

tom petty said....the waiting is the hardest part. He's right...I can't wait to see my boy. That's right boy. The clock is saying tick, tock and I am anxious to hear the car pull guess is 9:07 (he pulled up at 9:25 not a bad guess) . enjoy the day

Friday, November 18, 2005

I made a list

albeit a short list I made one nonetheless.
Best Musical Groups Able to Make Recorded Music
this list is inspired by my youngest asking me this very question
1. Beatles
2. Pink Floyd
I get somewhat confused after this....U2 and Led Zeppelin come in somewhere in the top seven(geez I hate to commit). I also believe Radiohead is in my top seven, BUT I am still not as familiar with their music as I wish I was. Also in my top ten and possibly even lower...I am out on a limb with this one....Devotchka, innovative and intriguing. Not something you hear very often. Energetic and passionate. One thing for good as the Stones are....they are not in my top ten. I think I am going to commit...hold onto something...k??

1. Beatles
2. Pink Floyd
3. U2
phew....that wasn't as hard as I thought.

Devotchka's web addy this band puts on one heck of a live performance. Every single time I listen to their music I think to myself....amazing. now for my fellow believer in Christ....Third Day is amazing. Think passion.
Till Monday....later!


often in life we ask why...why this and why that. we question life and other heavy subjects. I want to know why we call bathrooms/lavatories...restrooms??? WHY, WHY, WHY????

tenminutes (post content has changed)

i had an real inspirational post but when i was searching for a pic i found this meant a lot to me since i was 13 at one time. it's not much so don't get too excited. i get excited easily.

when my wife, the beautiful one took me to see EC last june, let's just say....i revisited all of what you will see at that website (above)

be good.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

shake it up

makin' a difference...shakin' it up....smilin' @ people even if they don't deserve a smile. remember that song? I'd like to teach the world to perfect harmony. or hows 'bout clapton....change the world. what if we all "bought into it"???? what if we all thought that way???
i really feel it is time to change the person at a time. one soul at a time. if you have passion and enthusiasm for what you believe and know then others will follow, others will want it. find beauty in all things. especially people....put aside your needs and focus on others. smile at people...give a nod of the head...we all have one thing in common...we are ALL PEOPLE. hold the door for others. smile. make eye it will change someones day. YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO CHANGE SOMEONES DAY FOR THE BETTER, EVERYSINGLEDAY!!!!

just do it

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

first car

The car on the right is very similar to my first car....a 1970 429 Super Cobra Jet Gran Torino. I paid 800.00 for it and got about 6 miles per gallon. It was candy apple red with a scoop on the was bad. I sold it for 1,200 once I found out a 4 cylinder Toyota Celica Liftback got something like 30 miles per gallon. I never got a ticket w/the Torino but got a speeding ticket within a week of owning the Celica....It really zipped around. And your first car was __________????

Sunday, November 13, 2005

the fam returns...

so in about 30 minutes my fam will be pulling up fresh from tennessee...i can't wait to see them. i have missed them so much. i have not seen them for 10 days...we passed each other while i was in gatlinburg and they were in knoxville but logistics did not work out. there is nothing more important then people. go ahead get all of the material things you want...people matter. (hopefully this link will last for a's about what pat robertson said)
i was really upset by pat robertson this week...he was speaking on God's behalf. i wish he wouldn't do that, nobody should. the headline said that God would snub York Pa if they have a natural disaster because they voted in evolution people to the school board. to the people of York, PA i tell you God loves, tomorrow and forever. man does not decide what God will do. i have a rough two weeks of work coming up...i am praying for a lot of people...i am glad i have devoted my life to Him. i rest ez and do not worry about what tomorrow brings. and to mr robertson i say...i love you, forgive me for being angry with you.
i will be working on turning the other cheek this week...mark gave a great bible class on the Jesus i never knew today...lot's of it struck home and now i wait for my family to come home. i miss aubrey and dawn too...i love the church family 'cause it is just family. family with a common denominator...Jesus.

Movie Review #2

Movie Title- North Country
Cinematography- B
Music- C
Quality of Acting- B+
Plot Line- B+

The Amazing Adam whose blog link is over there >>>>> recently asked who were the two sexiest men/women alive, Charlize should rank up there. She is a very pretty woman.
Now onto the movie...
Given the wintry locale for the movie I thought certain scences were well shot with the typical natural beauty of the land shining thru albeit not very often. The mine was a dark/stark location and the homes were typical of the incomes and realistic to the characters.
The acting from Sissy Spacechick was good and Woody Harrelson did an excellent job and I thought Charlize's character, at times, lacked character. Oh, and the girl who played the cop in Fargo played a role as well and she did a good she forevermore type cast into a MN/ND role now or what???? Loved the accents!! Not as strong as in Fargo due to the seriousness of the movie but still fun.
I thought the story line/plot was a good story and told well. The movie hit on many different emotions for me but it never fully expectations were about average going into the movie since I went with my dad and let him pick the flick.
The music score was below average and featured a lot of Dylan (that's not why I didn't like the music).
I would suggest a definite rental and hit the theatre if you like any of the actors/actresses or the storyline. Lastly...this is a story that not only needed to get told but a great representative of discrimination and it's subtleties.
I give the movie an overall rating of a B but not a very high B.
Theatre Review- Ritz 16 Voorhees. This is by far and away my favorite place to see a movie. The cashier was fun and friendly as was the ticket taker. The theatre was packed and the atmosphere was still not in your face. Pricing on a large popcorn and water was 6.00 with the tickets being 18.00. Total cost 24.00...a good value, all in all. I especially enjoyed the time with my dad. Look for my review of Pride and Prejudice coming out as soon as I take the Beautiful One to see it!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

life lesson #2

this is my oldest son and my dad (left), what matters most to me is: at the end of the day, their faith. everyday i go to work and make decisions and try to make a better, more efficient company, and i usually do. but in a 10 years most of what i have done at work will not matter but what i have done to effect others in my life including my co-workers will. bill gates' work will affect this world for a long time....martin luther king's work will change people for the better. sure bill gate's made us able to be here and blog but martin luther has taught others to love each Christ and isn't that what Jesus is really about---love? be Christ

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Top 500 Songs Ever Written

The editors at Rolling Stone polled an array of musicians, critics, and influential industry figures to come up with these 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time. Nearly 200 leading authorities responded, can you guess one of the songs in the top five, top ten?
check your answers

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Good day readers! Today I leave for Knoxville, Tennessee to visit my mom. I will be with her for four days and one of the things we will be dong is searching for this woodpecker. The Pileated Woodpecker is the woodpecker that Woody Woodpecker was fashioned after. I have never seen one and I am hoping to see several this trip. After four days with my mom it's off to the Smoky Mountain Gift Show for four more days.

When I get back next Thursday my family will have already left for Knoxville, Tennessee to visit my mom (this is not deja' vu) then they will visit Lipscomb. I think they will have about seven people on their road trip! I am flying. So as I write this I realize that I will not see my family till two Sundays from now. Can't say if I will be able to blog while I am away. Prolly not. May the good Lord bless you and keep you...We finished a class on Galatians last nite....I think I have re-read chapters 5 & 6 about 10 x's in the last week....Both chapters are excellent. Go read it and let it live in you. For today an till I return...remember who and what you are and Whom you believe in....your faith encourages me always. Be a faith builder, be an encourager, be Christ...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

wisdom & understanding

A fall morning
colorful leaves blowing in the brisk wind
waking up with the one you love
reading God's word
a sunshiny blue sky
wispy clouds flying by
a hot cup of coffee

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Movie Review #1

Movie Title- The Gospel
Cinematography- C
Music- B
Quality of Acting- B+ (overall)
Plot Line- B+

I thought the use of the parable for the plot was priceless. This was a low budget film or if it wasn't someone should hold the person who took the most money accountable. We had a group of black women sitting behind us whom we interacted with a little during the movie...their presence and comments during the movie were worth the admission price. The music was good and I liked how it used music as a catalyst for the entire movie. My wife enjoyed it as well but maybe not as much as me. I would recommend this movie to anyone both Christian and non in the hopes that their faith would be built up.
Movie theatre rating---we went to Loews in Cherry Hill and even though I have a reputation as being a little tough on other customer service givers the individual, Marshall, who sold us our tickets was seriously lost in the world. This guy was more miserable then any recent contact in customer service as far back as I can remember. I seriously would like to get him some cookies or something...this guy needs some love. The ticket takers demeanor made up for Marshall's low self-esteem and the guy at the refreshment counter had a great attitude and an unbelievable look....frizzed out beard, wild hair and an attitude to match. He also upsold me from the small soda to the medium for just 25 cents more... I almost forgot to mention that the popcorn was burnt and I don't like putting my own butter and salt on the popcorn because I can't get to the popcorn on the bottom.
Total Spent- just under 30.00....hard for me to say that expense was worth it but I enjoyed the time witht the beautiful one, the movie was good and I knew it would cost me about that.
Pray for Marshall.