Saturday, December 31, 2005

Monday, December 19, 2005

I'm back!! I actually never left since my blog is a portal for my other blogs. So even though you could not detect my presence I was around....ANYWAY....I was looking up some stuff for work and came across this website.....
A. Worth a look
B. Click on stuff (please it's worth it)
C. This post is a homage to Adam.....long live the Suga Shack!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Due to a small amount of time being granted to me on this earth I have made an executive decision to temporarily close this blog down. Never fear I will still be posting in real time at these two locations:

see you there!!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

as to yesterday (when all my troubles seemed so far away) the NYC meetings went better then plate is FULL. As for today....its a B E A T L E S day....nothing but the Fab Four. They make me happy, they make me dance, they make me sing and they make me love people. Hi, ho, hi, ho....its off to work i go.....

Monday, December 05, 2005

what I am doing 2day

I am traveling to NYC by Amtrak in just a bit to see if we should put one of our store concepts on the Seaport in NYC. I am very optimistic and excited....I am 90% sure this store would come under my region. We have also just signed a lease to expand our Philly stores from 4 to 5 and we our expanding one of our existing stores (doubling it's retail space) while all of this means more $$ in my pocket and I am excited it also means more work and possibly more time awat from home. I will have to become a super manager in order to work this.
This does not include many other opportunites we are always looking at and potentially expanding into outher markets.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

back in the day my grandpop used craftsman tools from sears...which i do prefer. for building supplies and other stuff we would go to rickels which was the home improvement place of the 70's. today we have home depot....phew....aren't we glad? i contribute soooo much to home depot its not funny. today i finished off an emergency drain (underground outside of my house) problem...this is the second of this type of problem in two years...solution...don't buy a 100 yr old house. i spent about 150.00 @ home depot which included a snake rental since i was in unchartered drain regions, i thought it best to snake. it was quite an adventure it took me two full days. i am not sure of the benefits...i do feel like more of a man whenever i succesfully complete these projects and when i don't....well....yup, less of a man. speaking of manly....i saw Walk the Line last nite....i will review it later in full detail till then rest assured it will receive an overall A.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Dec 2, 2006

I just heard the news.....that today, Dec 2, 2006 is the only one of these we will ever get.
It wasn't in the paper or on the news but I have good sources and they have told me that this is the only Dec 2, 2006 ever made.
If that is the case.....I am going to take advantage of it....what the heck! I am going to use every minute wisely, I am going to look at today as in it's uniqueness and appreciate it for what it is....Dec 2, 2006

My sources have also told me that tomorrow is very similar in that there has only been one Dec 3, 2006 ever made and it is coming tomorrow. I am so excited!
take advantage of every single one of them

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

her sins which are many, have been forgiven, for she loved much; but he who is forgiven little, loves little. luke 7

for the whole law is fulfilled in one word, in the statement, "You shall love your neighbor as yourself". galatians 5

hmmmm....think 'bout it

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Life Lesson #1

My father, always taught me that if I really wanted to; I could jump to the moon. It took me several years to understand what he meant....I would look at the sky and try to figure out what he meant...because I did want to jump to the moon...but I can't, physically I just can't. But after pondering this in my spare time as a youngster I came to this conclusion: If I got a really bouncy trampoline, a space suit and a parachute I could jump to the moon. My father taught me how to think positive and how to see nothing as impossible. It is a great lesson.
Recently at the ripe age of 42 years old I started to play the's fairly hard but I enjoy it. Some songs I desire to play have some finger configurations for chords that are literally impossible.
As my eldest son was home for the big turkey day he sat, getting his haircut and had but no choice to hear his dad struggle to play what I would call songs on the guitar. I came to a point where in learning this one Beatles song where I could NOT get my fingers, no matter how hard I tried to get in the right spots for the chords...I uttered those words that I had taught my children never to say....."I can't get this chord" to which my son, Sean Patrick replied without missing a step as I have replied to him countless times....your right, you can't.
Like my father teaching me....I have taught my can and you can jump to the moon, but only if you want to.

Monday, November 28, 2005

run for your life the monsters are coming....
do you remember being a little guy or girl and being scared of what lurks in the closet? I can remember being poised on my bed with my little phillips head screwdriver in hand and waiting for the mouse to dart across the floor so I could pounce upon the mouse thereby protecting my little sister. never happened, i somehow always fell asleep before the killer mouse ran across the floor in search of my Mr Peanut peanut butter maker.
just thought you might like to know that
Today I hold my wife close most nites....tell her I love her and kiss her goodnite. I tell her everything will be alright. We always kiss each other goodnite. I love her very much...and for some strange reason she loves me.

Friday, November 25, 2005

The blogs are out of control and growing like mad.
I am lovin' it!!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Movie Review #3

Movie Title- Pride and Prejudice
Cinematography- B+
Music- A
Quality of Acting- A
Plot Line- B+
Could not find the web addy...sorry

Well if you don't know the story you will eventually be exposed to it. It was a good movie a bit hard to decipher at times but well done. The piano music used through-out the flick was excellent. This is a date movie or a movie that groups of women go see. When it was over I heard several female groups doing comparisons of this version to the countless other versions out there. I though this was the best version I have seen given the quality of acting and cinematography/music. I noticed many of the women attending the show would give a chuckle at certain times because of something a character said/did and I accounted that to their familiarity with the character. It wasn't a movie I woke up thinking about but it was a romantic. movie. It had a bit of a mysterious twist but with those familiar with the plot, it will be hard to keep them in suspense.

Filmed in England the scenery was beautiful and at times the movie showed some incredible trees. I saw no less then four awesome trees, seriously...
I give the movie an overall rating of a B.
Theatre Review- Ritz 16 Voorhees. Wednesdays at the Ritz tickets are discounted so I was happy. 13.50 for tickets and 8.75 for a large popcorn, a raspberry lemon drink and a Hagen Dazs bar. Total spent 22.25...a bargain!
We got to see Tony Jr. as he bought his tix ( different movie) and that is always a treat. I recommend this movie to date goers or to anyone who loves the whole pride and prejudice story line. The Beautiful One enjoyed the movie.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Not sure why but I am feeling a little mean today. I have had some issues at work that have been bothering me but, that's work. I do not have a post today.

Monday, November 21, 2005

hold my hand and follow least we will be together
.....please.....don't..... let..... go....
hold my hand
believe in me
please believe in me
your hand is fuel for my fire
i may not lead us right
but we will be together
to feel your breath, to feel your touch
to know you are there
to know you believe
to know you follow, to know you love
to know-to know-to know
in the end
this will matter

Saturday, November 19, 2005

he's coming home!

tom petty said....the waiting is the hardest part. He's right...I can't wait to see my boy. That's right boy. The clock is saying tick, tock and I am anxious to hear the car pull guess is 9:07 (he pulled up at 9:25 not a bad guess) . enjoy the day

Friday, November 18, 2005

I made a list

albeit a short list I made one nonetheless.
Best Musical Groups Able to Make Recorded Music
this list is inspired by my youngest asking me this very question
1. Beatles
2. Pink Floyd
I get somewhat confused after this....U2 and Led Zeppelin come in somewhere in the top seven(geez I hate to commit). I also believe Radiohead is in my top seven, BUT I am still not as familiar with their music as I wish I was. Also in my top ten and possibly even lower...I am out on a limb with this one....Devotchka, innovative and intriguing. Not something you hear very often. Energetic and passionate. One thing for good as the Stones are....they are not in my top ten. I think I am going to commit...hold onto something...k??

1. Beatles
2. Pink Floyd
3. U2
phew....that wasn't as hard as I thought.

Devotchka's web addy this band puts on one heck of a live performance. Every single time I listen to their music I think to myself....amazing. now for my fellow believer in Christ....Third Day is amazing. Think passion.
Till Monday....later!


often in life we ask why...why this and why that. we question life and other heavy subjects. I want to know why we call bathrooms/lavatories...restrooms??? WHY, WHY, WHY????

tenminutes (post content has changed)

i had an real inspirational post but when i was searching for a pic i found this meant a lot to me since i was 13 at one time. it's not much so don't get too excited. i get excited easily.

when my wife, the beautiful one took me to see EC last june, let's just say....i revisited all of what you will see at that website (above)

be good.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

shake it up

makin' a difference...shakin' it up....smilin' @ people even if they don't deserve a smile. remember that song? I'd like to teach the world to perfect harmony. or hows 'bout clapton....change the world. what if we all "bought into it"???? what if we all thought that way???
i really feel it is time to change the person at a time. one soul at a time. if you have passion and enthusiasm for what you believe and know then others will follow, others will want it. find beauty in all things. especially people....put aside your needs and focus on others. smile at people...give a nod of the head...we all have one thing in common...we are ALL PEOPLE. hold the door for others. smile. make eye it will change someones day. YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO CHANGE SOMEONES DAY FOR THE BETTER, EVERYSINGLEDAY!!!!

just do it

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

first car

The car on the right is very similar to my first car....a 1970 429 Super Cobra Jet Gran Torino. I paid 800.00 for it and got about 6 miles per gallon. It was candy apple red with a scoop on the was bad. I sold it for 1,200 once I found out a 4 cylinder Toyota Celica Liftback got something like 30 miles per gallon. I never got a ticket w/the Torino but got a speeding ticket within a week of owning the Celica....It really zipped around. And your first car was __________????

Sunday, November 13, 2005

the fam returns...

so in about 30 minutes my fam will be pulling up fresh from tennessee...i can't wait to see them. i have missed them so much. i have not seen them for 10 days...we passed each other while i was in gatlinburg and they were in knoxville but logistics did not work out. there is nothing more important then people. go ahead get all of the material things you want...people matter. (hopefully this link will last for a's about what pat robertson said)
i was really upset by pat robertson this week...he was speaking on God's behalf. i wish he wouldn't do that, nobody should. the headline said that God would snub York Pa if they have a natural disaster because they voted in evolution people to the school board. to the people of York, PA i tell you God loves, tomorrow and forever. man does not decide what God will do. i have a rough two weeks of work coming up...i am praying for a lot of people...i am glad i have devoted my life to Him. i rest ez and do not worry about what tomorrow brings. and to mr robertson i say...i love you, forgive me for being angry with you.
i will be working on turning the other cheek this week...mark gave a great bible class on the Jesus i never knew today...lot's of it struck home and now i wait for my family to come home. i miss aubrey and dawn too...i love the church family 'cause it is just family. family with a common denominator...Jesus.

Movie Review #2

Movie Title- North Country
Cinematography- B
Music- C
Quality of Acting- B+
Plot Line- B+

The Amazing Adam whose blog link is over there >>>>> recently asked who were the two sexiest men/women alive, Charlize should rank up there. She is a very pretty woman.
Now onto the movie...
Given the wintry locale for the movie I thought certain scences were well shot with the typical natural beauty of the land shining thru albeit not very often. The mine was a dark/stark location and the homes were typical of the incomes and realistic to the characters.
The acting from Sissy Spacechick was good and Woody Harrelson did an excellent job and I thought Charlize's character, at times, lacked character. Oh, and the girl who played the cop in Fargo played a role as well and she did a good she forevermore type cast into a MN/ND role now or what???? Loved the accents!! Not as strong as in Fargo due to the seriousness of the movie but still fun.
I thought the story line/plot was a good story and told well. The movie hit on many different emotions for me but it never fully expectations were about average going into the movie since I went with my dad and let him pick the flick.
The music score was below average and featured a lot of Dylan (that's not why I didn't like the music).
I would suggest a definite rental and hit the theatre if you like any of the actors/actresses or the storyline. Lastly...this is a story that not only needed to get told but a great representative of discrimination and it's subtleties.
I give the movie an overall rating of a B but not a very high B.
Theatre Review- Ritz 16 Voorhees. This is by far and away my favorite place to see a movie. The cashier was fun and friendly as was the ticket taker. The theatre was packed and the atmosphere was still not in your face. Pricing on a large popcorn and water was 6.00 with the tickets being 18.00. Total cost 24.00...a good value, all in all. I especially enjoyed the time with my dad. Look for my review of Pride and Prejudice coming out as soon as I take the Beautiful One to see it!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

life lesson #2

this is my oldest son and my dad (left), what matters most to me is: at the end of the day, their faith. everyday i go to work and make decisions and try to make a better, more efficient company, and i usually do. but in a 10 years most of what i have done at work will not matter but what i have done to effect others in my life including my co-workers will. bill gates' work will affect this world for a long time....martin luther king's work will change people for the better. sure bill gate's made us able to be here and blog but martin luther has taught others to love each Christ and isn't that what Jesus is really about---love? be Christ

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Top 500 Songs Ever Written

The editors at Rolling Stone polled an array of musicians, critics, and influential industry figures to come up with these 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time. Nearly 200 leading authorities responded, can you guess one of the songs in the top five, top ten?
check your answers

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Good day readers! Today I leave for Knoxville, Tennessee to visit my mom. I will be with her for four days and one of the things we will be dong is searching for this woodpecker. The Pileated Woodpecker is the woodpecker that Woody Woodpecker was fashioned after. I have never seen one and I am hoping to see several this trip. After four days with my mom it's off to the Smoky Mountain Gift Show for four more days.

When I get back next Thursday my family will have already left for Knoxville, Tennessee to visit my mom (this is not deja' vu) then they will visit Lipscomb. I think they will have about seven people on their road trip! I am flying. So as I write this I realize that I will not see my family till two Sundays from now. Can't say if I will be able to blog while I am away. Prolly not. May the good Lord bless you and keep you...We finished a class on Galatians last nite....I think I have re-read chapters 5 & 6 about 10 x's in the last week....Both chapters are excellent. Go read it and let it live in you. For today an till I return...remember who and what you are and Whom you believe in....your faith encourages me always. Be a faith builder, be an encourager, be Christ...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

wisdom & understanding

A fall morning
colorful leaves blowing in the brisk wind
waking up with the one you love
reading God's word
a sunshiny blue sky
wispy clouds flying by
a hot cup of coffee

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Movie Review #1

Movie Title- The Gospel
Cinematography- C
Music- B
Quality of Acting- B+ (overall)
Plot Line- B+

I thought the use of the parable for the plot was priceless. This was a low budget film or if it wasn't someone should hold the person who took the most money accountable. We had a group of black women sitting behind us whom we interacted with a little during the movie...their presence and comments during the movie were worth the admission price. The music was good and I liked how it used music as a catalyst for the entire movie. My wife enjoyed it as well but maybe not as much as me. I would recommend this movie to anyone both Christian and non in the hopes that their faith would be built up.
Movie theatre rating---we went to Loews in Cherry Hill and even though I have a reputation as being a little tough on other customer service givers the individual, Marshall, who sold us our tickets was seriously lost in the world. This guy was more miserable then any recent contact in customer service as far back as I can remember. I seriously would like to get him some cookies or something...this guy needs some love. The ticket takers demeanor made up for Marshall's low self-esteem and the guy at the refreshment counter had a great attitude and an unbelievable look....frizzed out beard, wild hair and an attitude to match. He also upsold me from the small soda to the medium for just 25 cents more... I almost forgot to mention that the popcorn was burnt and I don't like putting my own butter and salt on the popcorn because I can't get to the popcorn on the bottom.
Total Spent- just under 30.00....hard for me to say that expense was worth it but I enjoyed the time witht the beautiful one, the movie was good and I knew it would cost me about that.
Pray for Marshall.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Life Lesson # 73

If you should ever be homeless make sure to get a dog...the people that pass by you will have more sympathy for the dog then you and you will get more coins that way.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Ya gotta love R-n-R....huh?? Music makes me dance-sing-shout and jump about, how about you??

Hope all is well with has been busy lately...non-stop excitment.
the sky was the color of sky blue in the crayola box the last two days...smashing!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

what's for dinner...

Breakfast is for dinner....VT bacon sizzled up with pancakes and maple syrup from the sugar doesn't get much better. Anyone else out there eat breakfast for dinner??

A good friend of mine was in a car accident today... he also got a ticket and is a relatively new driver...since we live in NJ that means surcharges....but what matters here is:
A. Everybody was ok 'cept the can be replaced people can't
B. Pray for him....he is also looking for a job

On an another note...a good friend of mine (BTW I love being 42 years old and having lots of friends...I think it is because of our belief in Christ) has asked for prayers for a man I can certainly understand that...pray for all the men that are close to you for their spiritual purity.

and lastly....pray for my son, Sean....he is having some struggles and needs encouragement.

and the last comment for today is....when they went to the tomb....the stone was rolled away and there stood two very bright people...I read it, I believe it. The book of Luke...awesome book....truly awesome....go read it! just read one little chapter in certainly won't hurt

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Late Sun (not really)


So it's Sun evening and daylight savings kicks in next week which means it will get darker faster. I don't like when it gets darker earlier but what can you do Pres. Nixon is the one who started this in order to save on energy you think we would have changed from fossil fuels to solar and electric by's only been about 30 years since he instilled the changes when they knew then that petroleum was going to give us supply problems!

I have a concert hall across the street from my house and Buddy Guy is performing...I should have probably gotten tix's he is a classic blues player.
Went to Stand Your Ground youth rally yesterday and all I can say is that when you surround yourself with like minded truth seekers it certainly lifts your spirit.

I have some meetings to prepare for tonight and here I am blogging. Enjoy the week campers....we have "Wilma" and "Alpha" to contend with this week....go out and change someone's life for the better...

Friday, October 21, 2005

Life Lesson # 848

Good Day!
Amazing thoughts today....I have lived by many mantras and here is one you can all learn by; my house is your house or as I like to put it, mi casa su casa.
My children have teased me about that for a long time but I think they are learning from it. Our house has had a long-standing open door policy and the payback from this is unreal. It can certainly be painful sometimes and our house is at times not-fit for visitors but no one ever minds it and in fact people really enjoy coming here. I don't post this for kudos I post this so that you (insert name here) may learn to open your doors at all times and do not shutter yourself in your house. If you do not have an open door, and I mean wide-open door policy then you are missing a portion of fellowship that is priceless. Last nite was priceless...mainly cause I had a coupla friends over the house and it was never like they were over....they were a part of the family.
I guess I am trying to say love one another and be receptive and understanding and don't let an unswept floor or dirty dishes on the sink detract from having guests.
It's raining today and the rain is beautiful.
Matt I have been meaning to read that Dylan post and will soon.
I will be listening to Gorillaz on the way to work today.
Pray for people today especially those you do not get along with or those who do not get along with you.
Adam....great scripture reading last nite you certainly have inspired me to think of myself as more then a grasshopper. Gotta shower and git to work!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

mmmmmm......good coffee!

Did anyone hug anyone yesterday~~~

If not, you certainly missed the was a wonderful experience.

With today brings Wilma and before Wilma was an earthquake and before that were other hurricanes and a tsunami and bombings and ________.

Yesterday was not an enjoyable day (work wise) till about 4:30 after that it was all good.
I enjoyed worship and bible class and although our spiritual leadership meeting was very heavy, it was good. I miss my son. He is only away at college yet I miss him.

Here is today's challenge!

As you interact with work and family stop and listen. Listen to what others say.
shhhhh....listen. Hear what they say.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


whoa i have like 45 seconds to pic today kiddo's!!

i have repurchased an ipod....quite happy w/it but more on that later.

today's question...

will you hug someone who DOES NOT expect a hug from you today???

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

what advantage does a man have in all his work which he does under the sun?

Hi ho, hi ho it's off to work I go....

what will happen today...who will I meet, how will I shine like Christ today?

The opportunities that I seek are not to gain success as the world sees it but to gain success for Christ. I am content with what I have and only seek to impact others so that that they to, may be content.
Anyone can do my job. I do love my job, but anyone can do it. My job is an opportunity to work for God and to let others know that is how I work. God always blesses my family even in difficulties that I seen unable to overcome.
What words will you impart to others today that will effect them in such a way that they will know Jesus Christ?
What wisdom will God grant you in today's walk?
What understanding will you have when looking at other people...people less fortunate then you and people more fortunate then you??
They are all people...they are all loved by God and therefore loved by you...if you believe.

Monday, October 17, 2005

question of the hour

quick name all of your pets that you have owned that have ever had names....

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

where i'm going

I will be traveling to world famous Tunbridge VT for some fall foliaging and taking advantage of some r-n-r (rock n roll). The beautiful one will be with me and we are so outta here! The bottom photo according to the ever reliable world wide web is an actual photo of Tunbridge VT. I was able to get a house at a reasonable rate and it is quite rural. Below is a link to the house on CyberRentals. .
I went to the library and took out a few books...we will have no TV and we are hoping to be worshiping w/Conestoga Valley CoC on Sunday and returning to Southern New Jersey late Sun afternoon...have no fear the Eagles have a bye....not sure why a team gets two byes in a row but I guess that's what happens.

SURVIVOR IS SCHEDULED AS ALWAYS...not sure if Aryn will fry the hot peppers up. Taylor say's he is serious 'bout the guitar it might be a good time to figure out if he really wants to play on guitar nite while I am away.

quick question

Not too long ago I posted a question on who you would like to meet. now I want to know who you have met? People that others should know or recognize...I have met all of the people pictured including Dr J, Bobby Knight and Ron Jaworski. I did have actual conversations with the people I have listed. I was probably most taken aback by Jaws...least impressed with Bobby Knight and Dr J.
Julianna Moore was very, very nice. At the time I met Jaws the Eagles had not been back to the NFC Championship game and when I realized I was ringing him up...saw the ring and his stature....whoa! It's Ron Jaworski....I thanked him profusely and then thanked him again. He was a pretty cool guy. The other people posted are my two sons meeting Sam Brown from Exploding Dog, Sam inspired my older son Sean to also publish his heartart @ and the other photo is me super imposed between two guys from Velvet Revolver....I met them this past spring in Cleveland when I attended the Springsteen concert....the last guy with a guitar is Phil Keaggy....awesome guitar player...I promoted a concert of his in my very short lived concert promoter career (it didn't work out).

news flash

I posted here just a few short weeks ago that a good friend of mine went in for an operation for potential thyroid cancer. Apparently her tests came back positive and she will be undergoing a 2nd operation for it's removal as well as taking some drinkable chemo thing. I have been praying for her to be healed. The results although not good turn out that the form and location of the cancer are very good and very treatable and considered to be a very good success rate. All that aside I continue to pray for her healing. Her and her husband our counted among our best friends.

Hi, ho Silver!!

Wow....too many things to do.
This going away stuff can be stressful. So I briefly heard, on the news that 13 people were killed in flooding in New Hampshire. The natural disasters seem to be at an all time high.
Things to do (non-work related)
1. drop off car for quick check
2. stop at pharmacy and pick up drugs (we are getting old, people)
3. vacuum my dad's truck and drop it off w/gas.
4. pack
5. possibly stop at library
6. hope that my gift card from my warranty for the ipod comes in so I can have cool music to listen to while driving and in our house rental.
7. do minor food shopping
8. call dryer repair guy to fix the dryer
9.feed Silver
10. give Tonto instructions on what he should do while we are away.
11. Call Taylor (Tail's are u reading this??) and get him to unload the dishwasher and make iced tea.
12. prepare my blog entry to be posted while I am away. (unlike other bloggers)
13. last but not least....go thru this list and try to remember what else I wanted to get on it...
enjoy the is after all October 11, 2005
make where ever you are, your own little paradise

Monday, October 10, 2005

Hey there Georgy Girl!

I have been out of coffee for three days and having to purchase large cups of hot coffee from stores in order to suffice my I will be stopping @ my favorite bean supplier... can't wait!

My ipod lasted me 13 months of very heavy my extended warranty refund (full value) s/b appearing...I have missed my ipod and am not sure what "new" version I will get. I had a 15 gig 3rd generation.

I need to finalize my fall foliage plans instead of blogging.

I have been praying a lot more then normal lately and I like it. I feel so much closer to God.

Yesterday was my oldest son's 21st b-day. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!
I miss my nieces that live in Arkansas.

The power of fellowship is amazing.
Positive encouragement breeds confidence. Confidence breeds self-assuredness and self-assuredness begats courage and with courage comes risk and with risk comes adventure and with adventure comes happiness and with happiness comes bliss.

I have been really enjoying playing the guitar.....I think I am obsessed.
BTW the chords to Georgy Girl by the Seekers is currently too hard for me.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I have too many passwords and usernames. I use one for my home phone, cell phone, work voice mail, work email, two personal emails, eBay account, debit card, PayPal account,
blog site(s), alarm code @ work, cash register passwords, log-on password for work PC, work unix access...I live for the day of retina scans. I am sure I am missing at least another dozen. If I ever get alzheimers...I am done. The goverment needs to step in and make passwords a uniform length. This one having to have a number and letter etc...has to stop....I need uniformity...wait! Did I just say that??? Me??? Strike that!

Albeit tentative it looks like I am going to be closing this blog down or in the least doing fewer postings. Reasonings...due to a lack of time on this life is just a mist as God has told me and I need to make better use of my time. So for the faithful...check out the sneak preview of a new blog space...This space does not go public till next week so keep it quite shhhhhh!


All you need is love...
give love
show love
see love
be love
be Christ

Monday, October 03, 2005

Today's Question

If you could meet any one living person who would it be?

My answers have ranged from Robin Williams to Paul McCartney to Stephen King...all people whose "art" I have appreciated.

ticking away the moments that make up a dull day

As it goes by what will you do with it.
It is precious
it is short
it is fast
sometimes it is not noticed
other times it is noticed down to super small fractions
the question remains...
how will you best use it?

Friday, September 30, 2005

this morning...........brrrrr.....

quick....shut the windows, turn off the ceiling fan, get those widow unit air conditioners in the basement...going outside? grab a jacket would ya!

Fall is here....welcome

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Life in NJ Chapter 53

Today my Black Finned tropical fish died....his name was Sharky and he looked nothing like the shark in the pic but he sometimes would think like the shark in the pic.
I am not sure how my wife disposed of him....I hope she flushed him...I used to think that fish would somehow come back to life when you flushed them because when they would swirl down the toliet thay would look like they were swimming.

Work has been slightly more intense then of my managers has pink eye and I am working her store this week. We did have an employee go is a pretty long story but to make it short..."everybody's a great person till you work with them". But as for this kid, I am not sure he is a nice person even when I am not working with him.

The IRS did not refund my large tax refund cause they were going to audit me and said I would hear from them in Sept....well Sept is almost up and I will have to look their # up again and ask them if they are going to give me interest on my money....I don't make enough to be audited!!
I started one thing on my Oct "To Do List" so I am ahead of the game.
I have also added 3-4 things .
Enjoy the is beautiful hear in fall weather all week....we almost turned the fan off the other nite 'cause it was so cool!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tuesday September 27, 2005

another day in the books.
each hour as precious as the last.
living life to live life.
brite sunshine.
cool air.

Today- A good friend will be operated on, minor operation but I know she is worried. Pray for her--Robin is her name.

Yesterday- A woman named Joyce who works upstairs in my building was crossing 4th & Market Streets to get a cup of coffee....a white van ran her completely over and killed her.

Tomorrow- __________

Sunday, September 25, 2005

October is coming, October is coming!

Hurry and get ready October 2005 is almost here! Are you ready for it? What do you plan to do for it? It will be here in just five days!
I am thinking of all kinds of things to do:
Take a fall foliage trip
Go to the Camp Booster dinner
Hit live music somewhere (Switchfoot 10/30)
Work on completing my hallway (it's now in print maybe it will get done)
Rework the entire fishtank
Work on Shangri-La before winter hits
Play the guitar every day...suddenly bar chords seem achievable
Buy and install new stove which will require running a gas line
Install a dishwasher
Install a new HD in my computer as well as a new CD Rom
Get a new ipod...Either a Nano, 40 gig or 60 this time Nano is leading the way (my ipod is being returned on it;s 2 year Cicuit City warranty and they will refund me my full purchase price and I can go buy another.
Go to Hawk Mountain and bird with Bill and Chet somewhere around the 9th
Finish work on the mentoring program
Plan the holiday program
Get the Low Ropes/CMAA Blog up n running
ok now I am tired and going to bed.
G'Nite-Love Tate

Saturday, September 24, 2005


sleep is an amazing thing...i love sleep but I also wish i could always be awake. but when you get a good sleep....there is nothing like it. it is the best.
incidently i wrote this when i was awake.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Lovely Rita

So it wasn't to long ago that if a hurricane was coming people did not evacuate. They rode the storm out and that was fairly typical of most hurricanes. Now we have a mass exodus in TX & LA. Why??? Cause Katrina was tangible and we all saw the damage/destruction that it caused....therefore the mass exodus. How come @ a funeral no matter how that person led their life....people feel the need to acknowledge that that person,who lies their dead, is going to heaven. It is not my decision whether they go to heaven or not, that is God's. He will judge us all.

When He does.... will you be ready or will everyone say "your in a better place now" because that's the PC thing to do?
We don't see the signs like they did in the old testament and per the hurricane example we can see that when things are tangible we understand them.
Given all of this...I promise you, as one man to another, if you read the Bible, if you pray and you surround yourself with others that do the same- seeking God....He, the great I AM, will become tangible. Imagine that....knowing God, one on one.

( for further insight on this subject matter and to see why I titled it Lovely Rita see my Katrina & The Waves post back a few weeks)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

The 1st day of Autumn has arrived!

Today is the autumnal equinox, the first day of fall. What that means is that at 3:22 p.m., night and day will be precisely equal, each exactly 12 hours long. Flagpoles, people, and buildings on the equator will not cast a shadow.

This post is dedicated to my sister Paige who misses Philly cheesesteaks and other fine foods from the Southern New Jersey gourmet pantry. She deserves congratulations on her tennis victory!! My newest employee had turned the breaker on that controlled my baseboard heater yesterday...maintenance fixed it. To you folks South of the Border....move already!! How do you deal with that heat and not be on a Carribbean Island is beyond me.
On a somber note....from K-R, Rita is here. Pray, pray, pray and when your done praying....pray some more. He always listens.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Good Day Sunshine!!!

Let's start the day.....go and rock it!
Make it happen....
Believe in someone...
Smile @ strangers...
Give someone something when they least expect it....
Show the world love because in the long run that's all you have to give.

That being said if I see a maintenance worker today.....the heat is on in my office, in my building: WHY IN THE WORLD THE HEAT WOULD BE ON WHEN THE TEMPERATURE IS 75 DEGREES IS BEYOND ME....

Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Moon

The moon is full right now and it is beautiful...stop and look.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

today's question

If you could name a street...what would you name it?

2nd post-Survivor soon to be outcasts

Look for Lydia, Jim or Brian to be gone by tomorrow morning.


with the morning came pure joy. not because of the sunshine or the hot coffee and crumb cake that awaited him...but for the fact that he was blessed to have another day to die to himself and let Jesus work thru him. there is no greater joy then to know Him.

Guitar Nite is hereby cancelled in lieu of Survivor's Guatamela episode that premieres tonight.
We will be having a MAJOR hot pepper fest with plenty of pizza. Everyone is invited. I think we will even sing Happy Birthday to the tot.
Kristen, James, Jeremy, Chopper 1, Rell and so on....everyone come on up to NJ; 505 Harrison Avenue, Collingswood. See you tonight.

Incidently I will be playing Fantasy Survivor just like y'all play fantasy football. On a quick glance I am going with Judd from NJ to end strong....let's say final 6.
Anyone named Judd from NJ....will finish strong.

Also if anyone has ever done any fall foliage trips me and the beautiful one will take any info you can give us.
Now go out there and LIVE LIFE!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The photo of the Praying Mantis is from my veggie garden last year and the giant tomato(e) worm is from Camp Manatawny a year or two ago. The tomato(e) worm is as big as your was huge!

Campers....thanks for hangin' out with me over the past few days...I have been in a spirtitual lull. I am finally coming out of it. Sometimes I take life to fast and to hardcore and I need my downtime.
I enjoy my blog time wit y'all and it helps make my day!
Let me be the first to pubicly start the celebration for the tot's 1st b-day. Happy B-day tot ( i know i am a day early)
Adam....I miss you already...I haven't seen you since ok?
Flick...dude! Take the Aldi's need a change (end of conversation).
To the most beautiful woman in the world...I love you.
And to my are the sunshine of my life
and to all the people everywhere....I love you Jesus loved me.

Monday, September 12, 2005


These things are very friendly and they bite. I have been itching so bad from chigger bites. IF one should try to talk with you not answer them. The resulting "bite" is in my opinion equal to a greenhead bite.

So here's this afternoons question....please....your favorite insect and your not so favorite insect. I will publish actual photos ( from my private collection) of my two faves tomorrow....till then--PEACE, LOVE & JIMI HENDRIX!