Thursday, January 29, 2009


someone...PLEASE explain to me how wrapping five septa tokens in a plastic bag is environmentally correct.....someone, please.

shout it from the mountain tops

from Cali to the Grand Canyon and onto Wyoming, Toronto, The Caribbean....where I've been, but where I haven't been as well.

I have witnessed the stars from a jungle without light pollution and stood amongst the giant redwoods. I have seen the ocean CRASH into rocks on the shore as the sun sets. I have stood atop an 11,000' mountain amongst snow 15' deep!

I have hiked into the Grand Canyon and amongst the Red Rocks of Sedona. I have seen six different grizzly bears! Startled a rattlesnake and walked amongst the buffalo.....


what can i have or do on this earth that makes ANY difference at all except influence others for the greater good of God?

I will continue to venture the earth

I will continue to proclaim the name of Christ....Jesus the Messiah!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

e - a - g - l - e - s

Dear Donovan,

It has been almost a week since we lost the NFC Championship game to the Cards led by Kurt Warner. I am sorry I have not written you sooner.

I was excited to see what you and offense would do with a FULL 9 seconds left in the game and being down by 7.

So I guess by all indicators in the play that was ran you didn't feel you had a chance to tie or win with a two-point conversion. see team leaders lead and never give up. That last play was an indicator of where your head was at.

I am a fighter and fighters fight. Not always physically, but mentally and by example. Imagine the thrill of airing the ball out with those seconds ticking away and Jackson running down the field arms out stretched hot dogging it all the way! Then imagine getting a second chance if needed with 1-2 seconds on the clock and airing it out again?!

Effort Donovan, effort!

But, alas. We threw a simple pass for short yardage and then players "tried" to keep it alive and run the remaining 90 or so yards for a touchdown.

Good call Donovan....I am not sure where your head is at, but I certainly know where it isn't.


Tate a die-hard EAGLES fan

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Post Inaugural

I got home Fri after seven solid days of work, work, work only really interrupted by Donovan's funeral when he gave up with 9 seconds left....a note on that---LEADERS DON'T GIVE UP--NOT EVER!

While in DC, I met two "celebrities" if you will. David Cohen & Catherine Keener (40 Year Old Virgin).
I recognized Mr. Cohen and rang him up. It was on Sunday before the Eagles game ( I was wearing my Dawkins jersey). I could not remember what he does and just knew it was political and maybe something with the Sixers.
Oh! If only I had remembered!!! David Cohen is the Executive VP of Comcast....THE Comcast!
Oh, how I would have loved to tell him how I think his company is ripping off the people of this country. I don't have too many issues w/to many companies in this world, but Comcast TOPS the list for overcharging and ripping people off. Any company that takes a run @ owning Disney and actually has the surplus money to so....that company has to much money and where do they get the money from????
Where I live I have, but one choice in the entire world for broadband service---Comcast.
that is a monopoly!
Comcast just completed building the tallest building east of Chicago and the greenest building in the world. Again....our money!
So Mr. Cohen....all I can say it was a pleasure to meet you and you have a nice handshake. Next time I will be ready for you!
As to Catherine.....I was too busy to really invest the time, but she looked just like in the movies.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

a week in dc

Tuesday- Extreme - More Then Words

Wednesday- Heart - Dog & Butterfly

Thursday- James Taylor - Shower The People

How do you express appreciation "more then words"?

"up in the air they like to fly" people accepting challenges and soaring.

"shower the people you love with love, show them the way that you feel"

these three songs signify my entire week in DC....smashing company sales records, 17+ hour days and people going above and beyond the call of duty

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

new president

i am working like i have never worked before in my life. i arrived in dc on fri afternoon and have worked 12-15 hour days since my arrival. i am overseeing 7 dc metro area stores that are all selling OBAMA.

We broke a company sales record on Sat and then again today, monday. we are in crisis mode.
staff is working on mental and physical overdrive.

life IS good---eternal life is better.

what matters time and time again are people.

people are the lifeblood of the world.
if the world had no people, we would have no life no matter what nasa says.

animals and plants are life, but not life like we live. animals do not have free will...we do.

i have never experienced anything as chaotic as this in my life and frankly I cannot see something of this magnitude happening again, in my lifetime.
sports championships do not compare.

even with the amount of $ my stores are capturing and the electricity of each day i know in my heart of hearts that i live for a better day. i live for the day of His return. the return of the King. the King whom everyone knows, and that many refuse....if only the world would embrace Christ the way they embrace Obama....then we would have real change.

Friday, January 16, 2009


The trees have been naked for months. The air is as cold as it gets. The sky is clear and the wind has the clouds racing through the sky.


Life goes on...

The bible says our life is, but a mist in time.

We trudge on...working---FOR WHAT?

to pay the bills!?

go the bills....BUT remember the truth and what is important in life.

P E O P L E--- L I F E

REMEMBER TO SPEAK THE TRUTH WHENEVER POSSIBLE. If a crack should appear to allow you to tell others of the not hesitate or stop. PROCLAIM the truth!

Time is short as the cold steals your breath.

wintertime is in it's prime.

sing with me. sing the songs of life. lift your voice. lift it loud, above the clouds

i feel like i repeat myself here on this blog.

live the life He has promised you..step out of the shadows and live

the breath the winter wind steals is life...if you seek the truth.



(then you will find)

Monday, January 12, 2009

the dream of a lifetime...

By default (where I was born) I am a DIE-HARD Philadelphia Eagles fan. In my book there has never been any such thing as a band wagon to jump on or off.

My parents determined I needed glasses when I could not see the players # from the 700 level @ the Vet back in '74 when Roman Gabriel was the QB.

Somewhere around 1978 my father and uncle got six season tickets in section 634. I attended the 1980 NFC Championship game which we won against the Cowboys. My dad and Uncle went to that Superbowl, which we lost to the Raiders. We held onto those tickets for 16 years, through Marion Campbell, Buddy Ryan and the last year of Rich Kotite. When Ray Rhodes came into the picture my dad gave up the seats and my brother and I did one year of Ray and then by default not being born ultra financialy wealthy we gave up our seats. I have only attended one NFL game @ the Linc and that was a pre-season game. I have only ever owned one jersey and that is Jerome Brown's.

When Jeff Lurie purchased the team you could feel the electricity of this new owner and he did not disappoint.
In eight years we have been to the NFC Championship game FIVE TIMES!

A long time ago I gave up "living" for my team....sure I love 'em, but I don't live and die with games. I have often said....I just want one Superbowl victory in my lifetime.

Sports Illustrated picked the Eagles to be in the Superbowl this year. We still have the NFC game to go....I am not getting ahead of myself; trust me.

Kurt Warner has won the big game, as has Ben & Joe Flacco is an admirable opponent.

We have the "Brians" and Donovan as well as an arsenal of receivers.

Go ahead Steelers and Ravens---beat yourselves silly.

Look out Cards, here we come.....and this time it's FOR REAL!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Batman

I just watched The Dark! I think this image captures the whole movie.

Two face.

Don't we all have two faces????

While here....on earth, we have two faces....lean towards the good side.

Now the Bible states that there is only light and dark and you are either in one or the other and Jesus came so we could live in the light.

Live in the light.

The fence of light/dark cannot be straddled.

Accept Him who let's you be light.

It was a good movie....really good.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

stop look listen


inspiration vs motivation vs confidence
I = Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity
M= The act or process of motivating
C = Trust or faith in a person or thing

three things that are important

I am going to take motivation out of the equation
I used to think motivation was soooooo important!
Lately I am more focused on Inspiration
right now it's late and my inspiration is waning....i need to think about it some more

gd' nite

Saturday, January 03, 2009


I love Pro Football. I have grown up with it. I know the game inside and out....and you always need to PLAY the game to have a determination.

Credit is due to all the teams that played today.

Out of everything that took place...I am most disappointed in the Indianapolis Colts. They have the potential and should have legendary status and yet I am not so sure they do. Peyton, what gives?

KUDOS to the Chargers. I am not a Norv Turner fan in the least and he called a good game OR he is smart enough to have good people under him.
My game ball goes to Darren Sproles, period. WOW! What a game he played and it was ONLY fitting that he ran that last touchdown gotta love D E T E R M I N A T I O N !