Sunday, April 30, 2006

hard work

hard work. tomorrow morning two new retail stores will open that will be under my tutelage. opening them does not happen w/o planning and hard work. from hiring the staffs, planning inventory, logistics and coordination that are mind numbing to say the least. success to me has been defined as being happy at what you do and, i am happy. the problem is that i think i could be happy mowing lawns for a living as well as overseeing the operation of 6 different retail stores. so, i almost hope no one reads this post, simply so i can wallow in my own glory and dispair simultaneously.
i have learned a lot these past few days:
1. loyalty comes with a price.
2. you can make anything happen that you want to.
3. my value is what i perceive my value to be.
4. people get in their own way.
5. there is no substitute for hard work.
6. hard work feels good.
7. at the end of the day....i am happy with myself.
8. life is good.
9. if i stumble, Jesus will pick me up.
10. people are my company's most valuable commodity.

enjoy your's may 1st 2006 and this is the only one you will ever have.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

soak it in

I love music. It is a universal language and every culture seems to have its own sounds. It is talked about more then the weather. It brings people together and forces them apart. It is an ambience a mood setter and changer. There is nothing that compares to music.

It makes me happy, sad, convulted, confused, hurt, joyous, emphatic and courageous.

It changes things.

The reason it does this is because it is an escape. It is a fantasy check, it is an escape from reality.

Most every personality in the world has music that motivates or demotivates them. It is infinite in its varities.
Let it take you to where you want to go. Let it envelope your mind and body and bring you to where you need to go.

Enjoy it. Feel it. Play it LOUD. Close your eyes and dream with it, crash with it. Breathe it in, smell it, taste it.

Take the energy that music gives you and funnel it out to others....that is what the musician is doing...funneling you his/her emotions. Soak it in. Melt with it. Let the world float away and with your floating be renewed.

Now, for you Christians- do the same with God and His word. Feel Him. Taste Him. Smell Him. Believe Him. Let Him exude from you. Let Him be known by you. I love music, but the song always ends. The mood always changes. With God this does not happen. His love does not end.
Lets feel God the way we feel music and I promise you the song will be sweeter.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Administrative Professionals Day

Wednesday April 26th is that special day for all of the Administrative Professionals in your life!


I have been wondering when it is Weather Person Appreciation Day and Letter Carrier Day and what about a National Peanut Farmer Day??

We need to treat everyday like it is that special day. I hereby proclaim that from this day forward everyday will be Appreciate the Day, day. Everyday when you wake up remember that it is Appreciate the Day, day. Don't forget. We even have our Official Song--Lovely Day by the incomparable Bill Withers.

So go celebrate, celebrate everyday for what it is and for what it can be. And don't forget....everyday is now Administrative Professionals Day---Oh Joy!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

time for bed

If you type: "basis of life" in google images, basically you get "water". I guess that is true, we need water to survive. Imigration is a huge issue right now, specifically illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants are people. People like you & me.
When, will we realize that people are what matters. God teaches us that in His word...the bible. If I were poor,
born in Central America, I would want to come to the land of hope and dreams. Why does a Mexican ride his bike to work to wash dishes and try to squeak out a living and why do the Americans I interview for $6 to $10 an hour jobs "expect" me to give them something?

People are people, not garbage or trash. Treat each other the way you want to be treated. Are you worried they will take something of yours away? If I didn't hire people that were potentialy better then me then I would not be successful. Does this make sense? Let people into the USA....lets all grow

you have the ability to change others

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

the best day ever!

today is a day that is second to none.
make sure you take advantage of it.
there's no wrong or right, but i'm sure there's good and bad

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

recent movies

I have recently watched:

Grizzly Man-c+

And your favorite Disney movie is?

Saturday, April 15, 2006

my house is your house

i have lived by these words for years, but maybe not fully. some friends of mine recently took a couple of folks in. like to live with them. if a man knocks at your door for a loaf of bread....don't tell him to come back later....he's knocking 'cause he NEEDS a loaf of bread....why else would he ask. Get him a loaf of bread and if you blessed to have some milk---offer him that while you are at it.


to find one's purpose.
to do things that matter.
to give of yourself w/o a return.
to love w/o being loved.
to share w/o being asked.

i love my wife.
i love my children.
i love God.
They all love me.
all other things fade to black.
my job is meaningless for eternity
my life means nothing if i have not shared what is alive in me.
what do i get for all this?

Got purpose?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

three things

1. Yolanda the homeless woman said to me today that if she doesn't see me she hopes I have a good Easter and she said that to me today....I wonder if she is traveling for the holiday?
2. Harley Smallwood told me that Harriet Tubmann probably had many people refuse to attempt escapes from slavery and that she probably had to twist many an arm to convince people to escape....I never thought about it that way before or if I did it was when I was in school.
3. I now have Vonage, thanks to "Rom" in Madras India. He was quite the helpful tech and he invited me to his home and of course we invited him to ours.

Monday, April 10, 2006

the end of the day

and so ends another day of work---productive YES!
tired----oh yeah----
staffing is ALWAYS the biggest challenge a retailer has and I have been blessed, but not without duress.

so I sit here, at my desk.....ipod blaring some good R & B and everyone gone for the day....I love the quiet.

already thinking about tomorrow and the day after that---something the bible cautions me on doing.
life is about as busy as it gets right now.
my lawn needs attention not to mention Shangi-La
my to do list is a mile and half long
I have not finished my taxes and numerous other personal items (bills).
then i realize......this is not where I am meant to be. I am meant to be winning souls.....yes setting the example of our Lord and Saviour while at work even after I literally threw a vendor out of my office today.
We all need to stop judging.
It was great leaving my cell phone @ home today.....I wonder how many messages it has on it....

I can't wait till tomorrow, better yet, tonite.
Love the day whatever it brings.....remember who you are and what you believe.

Stay Strong
I thank God everytime I think of each of you.



Saturday, April 08, 2006

worth the look

This is the city of which i work in
waterless urinals and the challenge they bring

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

computer virus part II

sorry about the delay o faithful reader....several hours of computer spyware hacking and a trip to the local 'puter whiz yielded a faster pc, lighter wallet and of course I STILL HAVE POP-UPS!
oh great i long for thee.
to see your beautiful image embossed upon my cpu case, one day we shall be together

for you faithful ncaa fans....the womans championship game was everything the mens wasn't
both male and female final fours were busts

work is heavy heavy duty that for the 1st time in years I will not be able to attned the annual church retreat.

given that I have an awesome vaca planned for yellowstone and the day before I come back from yellowstone snow patrol is playing electric factory.
I bought my daughter and her friend tixs....'cause I was excited!

and here is the question of the day

Final Jeopardy
State Capitals
(hum the tune)
in alphabetical order, name two state capitals named after US Presidents

only one of the contestants got the right answer, he was the returning champ, he won the game so he can return tomorrow and my only guess was Lincoln, as in Neb and I was wrong.

next blog entry is on waterless urinals and Philly.....yup...its a HOT issue.