Sunday, July 31, 2005

and then their was three---plus 1

It is the perfect afternoon (Sunday) here in sunny, southern, New Jersey.
Had an awesome time at worship....what a great lesson we had. It is awesome when all cylinders click.
So I went bowling last nite....something I had not done for quite some time (my scores reflected it). At least I did break a hundred in both games we played. Now here is the thing....have you folks been bowling @ nite in the last 2-3 years? If you have then you KNOW what I am talking about....the phenomenon sweeping across our great nation....regular bowling alleys are boarding up due to the new and improved bowlng sensation----Cosmic Bowling....whew!! I mean are you ready for some bowling?! This is not for everybody. I almost could not handle it...seriously! The lights, sound and fog machines all working in tandemn....the blinking lights and glow-in-the dark things on the might get an idea of what I am talking about by checking out this website

On another note....a good kid, someone who I would consider a good friend from camp...yet she is only about 4,380 days old...(for my age see my 1st post) was baptized yesterday AM. As I was driving to camp....I knew it. I felt it....Alright Jessica!!!!
Well....the day is young gonna have a big pesto dinner tonight w/some fam and going to go and garden the afternoon away....(think I am going to take picture of the rock garden and post it here) Till my next post ttyl. Tater

Saturday, July 30, 2005

tres' dia

Good Morning!

enjoy the daughter says..."you don't have time to blog" ...she is right gotta run her to work and me to camp....seriously....enjoy the day it is an aewsome one!

Friday, July 29, 2005

Day II

alright already....just two people commented on my blog the 1st day and one of them was my son!!

It's Friday and awesome....what started out as great day, then took a crazy turn then rebounded to the positive keeps my head will do that to you, you know.
Looks like Ultimate Frisbee with the Youth Group 2nite. Can't wait....counting the minutes.

My stores DID NOT make the Best of Philly issue AGAIN! What's a guy gotta do to be recognized for the best place to buy a Liberty Bell---we do have the largest selection with the best prices.

More random thoughts.....I cannot wait to see the "gorgeous" one 2nite....she is awesome!!
I want to know why I keep standing in God's way especailly since I read 1 John 4:4 all week. Him that is in us is greater then all!

I am thinking of that Police song right now.....Bring on the nite....I couldn't stand another of hour of daylight....bring on the nite....
I love you all and God is awesome!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

day one

actually this is not day one but day 15,483 of my life... and it has been a good one....being that I am married to the most beautiful woman in the world! So how are all the peeps 2day? The humidity has broken here in jersey and thank the good Lord for that 'cause I was trying to find the good in the humidity and it was hard....amybe the good was that we are blessed to have deodorant??!! hmmmm....that works. Well enjoy the day 'cross the states and the universe for that matter....there are people in space today, thoguth you might like to know that.