Monday, November 29, 2010

change of heart.

There has been a lot of change going on in my life, chameleons change color and then change back again. I want the change I am experiencing to remain permenant.

I have been working on being a better man, better husband, father a better man in God's eyes.
Tis isn't always easy.

Forcing and maintaining this change is causing a lot of ripples. Ripples in my life and others. lives.

As much as others volunteer to help and assist ME with MY change, it is really up to me and no one else. We are all responsible for ourselves and others are not responsible for our feelings/actions/thoughts/demeanor/attitude.

The end result is good.
I feel better about myself.
I like who I am.
I feel closer to God.

But change is hard, the chameleon (think Pasquale in Tangled) changes his color, but always changes back.

The heart is the key. If you want real change, hardcore, see the difference, know there is a difference change, then it must be from the heart.....see Pasquale's change is only skin deep and as vivid as his change is, the depth of it is known by all.

Change of heart.

I forgot to let my annual Christmas beard grow. I like to stop shaving on Thanksgiving and then shave on Christmas. This year I am changing it. (12/25-2/14)

Monday, November 08, 2010

so you, thought you, might like to, go to the show

It's 7:45ish and my bud just called and said he has a tix for tonight's performance of The Wall. The train is now leaving Wilmington DE. I have my guitar and two bags of luggage and need to get transportation to the show. He said Roger does not hit the stage till 8:20...I asked him to tell Roger to go on at 9. Fat Chance.

To be cont.

Wil hooked me up, dropped my bags at the Amtrak counter for 3 bucks each and I can pick them up in the AM.
Trained it to the "Wells Fargo Center" and made it to the show by 8:45, one hour after getting the news. I missed a bit, but saw PLENTY. This did not resemble a typical concert---I mean it was Pink Floyd (aka Roger Waters) and yes I have now seen Floyd (at least a semblance of them) . I will be posting a full review on my concert review blog. stay tuned.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

What I'm reading...

Junger wrote the Perfect Storm which was an amazing book and forced me to keep him on my radar as an author to watch.

A few of his books have come with less positive feedback in the aftermath of the storm and I have laid him low on the priority list enjoying the occasional magazine article and such, but keeping the books at bay till now.

WAR- I saw this at the local Barnes, ordered it from Amazon the next day and got it shortly thereafter. It has certainly been a quick moving intriguing read, but not quite as gripping as I anticipated, but certainly as telling.
War is an interesting concept, Junger is keeping an unbiased thought process for which I am grateful and even though I am not done reading I feel compelled to share some wisdom.

EXCERPT- "They have a huge shoulder-fired rocket called a Javelin, for example, that can be steered into the window of a speeding car half a mile away. Each Javelin round costs $80,000.00 and the idea that it's fired by a guy who doesn't make that in a year at a guy who doesn't make that in a lifetime is somehow so outrageous..."

So, I many Javelin rockets have we fired and how many have we purchased and what if we put the money spent on that towards the overall good of people?

Yeah....they bombed us....first? I don't know, but I learned in 6th grade from the assistant principal, Mr. Parker that "two wrongs, don't make a right".



Friday, November 05, 2010

learning how to fly

every day, every morning, every minute and moment more special then the last

I am learning how to fly, fly with wings like an angel, isn't that true trust? When you can fall and then fly? This is not in the traditional sense, this is in the trust sense.

Trusting others with all.


I have participated and conducted trust falls where one is above the ground and trusts those below to catch. That is KNOW they will catch you.

What about trusting yourself, your thoughts, your breath?

It is time to grow, time to fly....cut the strings of doubt and despair and spread your wings of life and let the light shine.

TRUST. Trust yourself, trust your HEART, trust God...for He will never, ever, ever abandon and will always love like no other.

feel His warmth.