Saturday, July 29, 2006



Natural Disasters


What is the closest or have you ever been a part of a natural disaster?

This is a weather related category and NOT a bodily function subject.

Friday, July 28, 2006

the last hope

the last hope comes through....
I called the van rental place and lo and behold...they have it...

it's time to rock n roll!!!!!

Life is Amazing...

I cannot compress my excitement any longer. No, my beautiful wife is NOT pregnant and I didn't get a raise/promotion.

Life is just down and out, pure and simple, good.

Gerry and I have been getting together just about every nite for guitar in prep for camp and we are sounding pretty good. I am very exctited about this. We are going to practice again 2nite.

My wife is who I love and she loves me.

Work is just that work. It won't mean much in 10 years let alone 50 and my primary goal is to make people better for themselves while working.

Church is going well.

Ok so I just told my beautiful wife that I lost my ipod...I have not been able to find it since Wed evening. She say's it will be found....but WHEN?! she is now telling Bibi about how once I lost my keys in the snow and found them in the spring and the time I lost my palm for 6 months when I left it under a box in the basement @ work. Yes, I lose my keys and wallet sometimes hourly and most of the time I find them, but as for the ipod...I am getting overtly concerned. I have traced my steps and checked the usual and not so usual places.

1.The last place it had it was when we returned a rental van and I let Joe and Sean listen to M. Ward to see if they would go to the concert with me (no such luck).
2. We stopped home to get a 2nd car and that's when I made the "dump". Kinda emptied the pockets and ran this is where I think it got "lost".
3. Dropped the van, came home listening to Sean's ipod in the xb.
4. Tried to get my brand new lawn mower started that has broken after like 2 months of ownership, again, no such luck!!!
5. Prepped for VBS singing @ church and went to church
6. Went to Gerry's and played guitars.
7. Got up the next AM and went to work ipodless.
8. Came home Thurs afternoon:
went w/Tails to Joe's Pizza after picking peppers and had pizza there
went to see Sarah's play Joseph...
went to Gerry's to play guitar
came home and watched an awesome thunderstorm
went to bed reading the river of doubt
woke-up...went to MAKE SURE the xb does not somehow have my ipod in it, it doesn't
So here it is Friday and my wife tells me "not to worry, that it will turn up"

HOPE, she has hope all I have is no ipod.

Has my amazing life just changed?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Metal hold out Metellica has put their entire catalog on itunes.
walk don't run to your nearest pc/mac and download if you wish...if not...don't hold your breath for Zep to get on itunes or Floyd for that matter.
I give Floyd 5 years or better...Zep will be on within 2 years.

till then...enjoy the day!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Hail, wind, rain, thunder, blizzards, ice storms & lighting;I like witnessing them all. I have never been privy to a natural disaster, yet I enjoy what little forces of nature my region brings albeit little.
The closest thing I have witnessed is very minor flooding.

NJ, PA & DE are considered an area in North America that does not experience "natural disasters.

What is the closest thing to a natural disaster you have witnessed?

today i heard wood

he once told me that, "now that you have chord changes down, you need to listen for the wood"

today, several months AFTER, having the above conversation...I heard wood for the first time and it wasn't Norwegian.

Let's just say it was nothing short of amazing. Thanks to the G-man for helping me get there and for playing an acoustic 2nite so i had to play lighter, which, in turn, brought out the wood.

rock n roll

rock n roll is good time music, listen to it!

lots of shows coming up...the Muse show is totally sold-out and tickets have, at minimum, doubled in value. M. Ward is playing the TLA and Graham Parker is giving a free show in a local park tomorrow. Not to mention Snow Patrol on 9/9.

what's a boy to do?

and now boys and girls here is the coveted question of the day.....

name the most beautiful place you have ever been to.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

question of the hour

before we get to the question of the hour....i am cooking my first REAL pick of jalapenos....
the pizza just arrived....

drumroll please.....

What does BFL stand for?

It was used in a recent email to me.

off to munch...

totally random pic

Grand Teton National Park
(the only National Park to have an airport in the park)
June 2006

my best pic?

Yellow Headed Blackbird
Jackson Hole Wyoming
June 2006

give to give

very simple people...give to give

Friday, July 14, 2006

last nite

so much to blog on my little space in the world.
Of course Dave Lewis bowed out at just about the last minute. I went solo.
Got great free parking....It was a sultry evening. Mainly made up of post college students and current students. It was not even close to 1/2 capacity. It was a Guster crowd.
Donavan Frankenreiter ( I am not making that name up!) was playing when I arrived and the sun was slowly sinking and the humidity was finally taking a respite. I did not pay that much attention to Donavan and was not close to the stage....I kinda wandered around taking everything in getting free Clif bars and checking out the venue...which is pretty sweet. Festival Pier, Penn's Landing...North of the Ben Franklin Bridge. Next to the scenic Delaware River directly across from the Camden Prision. It's a sweet spot.

So since my stage is set. I will summarize everything real quick for you readers.
Ray LaMontagne came out and played a FULL set. He played from the heart, just like he writes. He had a female bass palyer who was opposite of his personality...she had expression and drama. Now that may sound odd since I said Ray played from the heart; you don't need drama and expression to leave it all on the floor. A lead guitar/keyboardist and a drummer with a set of drums that s/b in a museum...all wood and sounding AWESOME. There were only a handful of people that knew who Ray was let alone that had come to see him play. It was a Guster crowd folks and they talked incessantly during Ray's gig...It was bothersome, but it did not seem to impact Ray and the band...He sang and sang as if this was his last performance. But lo and behold the audience was ignorant to the bearded man with an acoustic guitar that was not ROCKING them. Even I could not sway this crowd to appreciate was afterall a Guster crowd.
So Ray, not a talker was ready to close...the band left the stage and Ray announced he would be playing @ least two "quiet" songs. He then proceeded to quietly perform "All the Wild Horses"...the crowd continued to not pay attention to ray, but to each other. When Ray was done the song...he turned from the mic, lifted his guitar high over his head, mumbled something and let the guitar crash to the floor as he angerly left the stage. He was unappreciated and he let them know it. The crowd stopped talking for a moment, used the scenario that just took place to converse about for a few and then moved on to continue talking about whatever.
It was sad, it was anger, it was Ray's passion. Thank you Ray, thank you very much. It made my nite when you did that, seriously it did.

Guster is rock band and the crowd was happy when they took the stage. They rocked...Most were happy, some were not. I hope Ray went and wrote a song.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


thank God 4 Dave Lewis....we will be rockin' 2nite....


see you there!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

concerts concert buddy left me and I am left alone. John will hit any jazz oriented concert I ask him to go to and my dad and Gerry will hit guitar sit down shows; that leaves me by myself to hit the bar hopping/brawling be at the stage front and center shows by myself. I have asked my oldest son who just wants to mosh and be carried by the crowd to go to Devotchka but he stood me up.
So Fiona Apple and Damien Rice are playing the Tweeter in Camden, the country's most dangerous city (no lie) and Muse is playing Electric Factory and has sold-out ( i am kicking myself) and I am debating getting Snow Patrol tix's before they sell-out 'cause they are getting some serious air time w/Chasing Cars.
Now let it be known that my daughter already has Snow Patrol tix's cause I bought them for a canceled show whose date I could not attend, gave the tickets to my daughter and one of her best friends and the show has since rescheduled to a date I can attend.

I have three friends that hit a movie "solo" all the time...probably once a week @ minimum. I have never seen a movie by myself. Movies are not "social activites" in of themselves, but the after parties are. The thought provoking discussions after a movie are what counts. I have never desired to see a movie by myself, BUT I love "live music" and really enjoy being a part of the show/audience.

What's a poor boy to do?
A. Find another fellow concert goer?
B. Attend Concerts by himself?
C. Spend all his time blogging about his miseries?
D. None of the above.

I have tickets to see Ray Lamontagne and Guster this Thurs @ 7:00

First dibs!

as an FYI....I am going to really try to get Muse tix' always want what you could have had but didn't get and now I have to seriously find a way to get 'em.
Snow Patrol...I am buying my tix this week. Thanks for all your help!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

work and school and life

the question is; what is your life?

work- many people feel that work defines them and in many ways it does, but do you want it to define you.

school- all to many of us view school as a place of community and then extend that community to work. let's just tackle school. no matter how hard you is not forever. the community you experience in school will eventually disappear.

life- so i do you define yourself. if a picture of you was in the dictionary and next to that was your full name how would the definition read. would it just say "human being" would it read like the fruits of the spirit, loving patient, kind?

don't take all of this too seriously, but do. I am still working on my defintion except for one is my attempt to be as Christ-like in all.

this was the serious post