Tuesday, June 24, 2008

long days

a fella sat down across from me after boarding the train....."how you doing, sir?" he asked me......"fine thank you, sir"....I replied "and you?" "L O N G D A Y", he said with a sign......gosh I thought.....long days should be treasured as extra special.....use your days wisely for they are numbered.

Monday, June 23, 2008

life 101


can you HEAR ME??


life is nothing---I think Solomon said it first, but let me reiterate it......

meaningless, meaningless, meaningless
life is meaningless--what does man get when he toils all day?

keep toiling it keeps you fed....but then take a breath and see someone, talk to them, change their world......for Him.

show love, be love, give love
and you will have everything....everything
there is nothing here that I want
what I want is later.....till then, love you, tater

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

on top of the world

being on top of the world ='s winning the NBA championship?

being on top of the world as KG said late Tues nite is not necessarily winning the world championship game for the NBA....it is....knowing the TRUTH of the world in Christ.

I am not a perfect man or christian by any stretch.....but I know WHO I am and what I believe.

if being on top of the world is equal to winning the NBA championship this 45 year old man (me) will not ever see the top of the world.

But yet I have...seen and am living on top of the world----the truth, the way, the light---Jesus Christ who's name is so commonly used---but I say it with reverence and righteousness.

will you say it too?