Friday, October 31, 2008

Nor Cal Coast

NOR CAL is a state of mind----trust me on this one. MENDOCINO, ever heard of it? WOW is this town amazing. Hippies unite. I don't know who works. Pot smoking was rampant and this was during the day. Moody's Organic coffee shop supplied me with the best coffee I've had....almost ever. Seriously. Flower Power---Peace & love & power to the people!
From the 60's in Mendocino we traveled to Anderson Valley in Mendocino County. No it is not Napa or Sonoma County. Wine is a big deal out here and it's like a cult of people.....people following, Following what I do not know, but following nonetheless.

Ok...these roads are THE most challenging roads I have ever driven and these photos don't even come close to telling the story. One blink or shift of the wheel and you tumble way down. See the edge of the road? See Tate looking down the edge of the road?

Guess what?
Tate is still here!It was late when we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge (6 bucks) into San Fran. We had just booked a bargain rate for a room on priceline which got blown way out of proportion when we paid the 45 dollar fee for 24 hour parking.
But, I had not yet had dinner when my incredible wife made me the following-
sliced apple, sliced avocado, peanut butter crackers, cheese w/crackers.
Tomorrow we do the city thing---ride trolley cars, visit our store on the pier, visit Chinatown and do some shopping for Christmas.
See you later!
oh......btw---here is a golden nugget-Give me neither poverty nor riches; Feed me with the food that is my portion,

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Coastal 1

So far we have driven from Portland, Or. to Fort Bragg, Ca. We have been driving US 101 and when we got to the end of Avenue of the Giants we took the beginning of Coastal 1 and started the drive. The 1st 30 miles of this have proven to be some of the most challenging driving I have ever done. It was also as quiet as could be...a beautiful wooded road of the likes I have never seen.
We are on 1 here and finally nearing the coast....people live very rustically out here.

We have made it to the coast on 1. This road is amazing....the scenery, when you can see it....drop dead amazing.

wish you were here....


THE PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!! We watched the game in the Northern Coast Brewing Co. in Fort Bragg, Ca last nite....YES!!!!!!!!
This is Eel River and our road followed this road for dozens of miles. This short walk was taken off the Avenue of the Giants- R E D W O O D S . When you are driving down the road the trees engulf you in darkness. It is an amazing place. I cannot put into words the site of these trees. So we stopped and hiked out to this dry river bed where off in the distance was a tent with four fellow Jeresyians camping along what was left of the river. The river bed was massive as are the trees.
....and lo' and behold! I caught this little guy in the river. He was no bigger then a pencil eraser.

The obligatory drive-thru tree. 4 bucks gets you through. It was a tight fit for the car....very, very tight!

In the 50's Fort Bragg, Ca a working mans town was dumping all of their trash at the end of Elm St. into the ocean. All of the glass trash has now been turned into sea glass and there were dozens of people out collecting.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gd'-bye Oregon, HELLO California!

Shannon works @ the Sea Basket, bayside in Charleston, OR. She is a serious; pro-union Democrat and she is a major, major awesome person. We talked for quite a bit. No, I did not order the oyster omelet, but I am wishing I had.
This is Ron the Mormon from Erie PA who has long ago transplanted to Brandon OR area. Ron has a lifelong contract with the Muir Woods to carve Myrtlewood hummingbirds for them. As fast as he carves them they will buy them. Ron is also seen here with his creation the SLOBSTER, a jackalope if you will, of the Southern Coast of Oregon. Ron is a man who knows his scripture and is inspiring to those he meets.

Self-taken in the Redwood Forest. It took f-o-r-e-v-e-r to build my own tripod!

Mar on the unknown, unnamed beach in Cali. We wet our toes and it was sooooo cold!

crashing wave @ said beach
this is what we came for

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Depoe Bay to Charleton/Coos Bay

The Devil's Churn along the Oregon coast...we did not have time to hike down and walk along it. It was high tide and the water was just churning in. It was so cool. Stunning. Spectacular. Awe-inspiring.
...and then we stopped and looked out, high above the ocean and we heard sea lions from down below. There was so many of them. We saw them swimming, basking on rocks and here on the beach. They also came in many different colors just like people. We saw; black, grey, tan & brown and of course dark grey.

So.....we are seriously behind. It is currently Tues AM---7 AM to be exact and #1, it is still dark and 2 we should be half-way down the Northern Cali coast by now. The Phillies are preventing us from doing a lot of driving since we are not driving when they are on, but part of it is that there is so much to see and do.
Last nite we pulled into Charleston, OR. A bayside fishermen's kinda town. We checked in at Capt'n Johnny's Motel for 56 dollars and walked across the parking lot to eat at the highly recomended Portside, which had wonderful views out the wind of mud---low tide. At Portside we had some serious fish--Mar had poached Salmon and I had Cajun Halibut. The fish was among the best we ever had....super fresh and simply well prepared. The Halibut was was my 1st Halibut as well as....ready--- BAKED OYSTERS. Mmmmm dipped in butter and they were huge! The bartender (we ate at the bar to watch the rain in Philly) told us the fish was from the boats on the was her b-day and we got to know everyone at the bar. Later in the evening Alex...sitting next to me told me how the Halibut and Salmon were really from Alaska....he thinks their fish is better then Portland's. Oh well....the Oysters were from the farm 'round the corner.
We are having a great is already screaming by! The sign above was in the hotel bathroom....apparently you are not allowed to clean fish in your room.....go figure.
Onto the Seabasket for a nice fried egg and then to Walmart for some supplies and Cali here we come!

Monday, October 27, 2008

The trip in

Ok, so they had TV on the plane and I could get updates of the Eagles game even though it was the KC game on. I didn't pay the 6 bucks and eventually a screen saver of clouds came on. I would have paid the 6 bucks to watch the Eagles, especially since I was flying....just like an eagle.

We met Mar's bosses son, Stephen in Portland where he lives for some grub....met a Phillies fan from Boyertown PA (next to camp) and watched some of the Phillies game and then encountered the largerst urinals I have seen to date....frankly if this was my restaurant I would advertise--- LARGEST URINALS IN PORTLAND!

and if your ever in Portland---Deschutes is the name of the restaurant brewery.

Anyway it is 11 and we need to hit the road....agate hunting @ Fogarty's Beach and Newport Beach.

The owner's of A Whale's Rendezvous, where we stayed said the whales will come right up to the back deck no more then 50' from where you stand....but alas...we are packing and thus far--no whales.

sea lions and waves

the view from the can't really see them in the water in this shot, but there were about 50+ sea lions just rolling around with the waves. Watching and hearing the waves from here is amazing.
The ocean is alive, it is living and breathing. The waves come in and CRASH into the rocks cascading their spray all over and then you watch the waters recede being drawn back in to the ocean.
I cannot begin to express the gratitude for the day after waking to this. The stars last nite and this AM were insane as we stared skyward and named the constellations.
From the book of Proverbs 27---two treasures.....enjoy.
Better is open rebuke then hidden love.
As water reflects a face, so a man's heart reflects the man.

BTW---the sun is just starting to hot the white foam of the waves and it is spectacular!

ahhhh the things that happen in a day!
Right now I am sitting next to that little fireplace in the pic typing away with the ocean about 100' away crashing into the cliff and rocks below is really amazing as was the sunset as we drove to the ocean....
the waves are crashing below me and they sound like a freight train!
I am very tired what with watching the Phillies win Sat nite till 2 AM and then getting up and catching a flight clear across the USA.
The scenery here is stunning and the state of Oregon is so pristine!
So, yes we stopped in Denver albeit briefly to switch planes and about an hour or so into the 1st flight I asked Mar for a can of Peanuts and this is from the top of the can...razor sharp and on a plane, but do not bring toenail clippers!!!!
Sorry for the lack of good stunning pics tonite will make up for it tomorrow.
Go EAGLES----thank God you beat Atlanta!!!
and Philly great ready......the championship is coming home!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


32.50 hours.

In 32.50 hours from the time of typing this....I will be en-route to Oregon the only other state in the Union that it is illegal to pump your own gas.

Me & the beautiful one will be driving the coast from Depoe Bay Oregon to LAX.

Are you with me?

My wife and I will be traveling the Pacific coast---my first time in seeing the sunset here.


my joy will be in the solitude and the people

look for daily updates as this blog becomes a daily travel blog starting SUNDAY the day the Phillies play, the Eagles play and of course The Who plays--all in Philly, I'll be in Oregon...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Philadelphia Phillies

...and all of a sudden I am a baseball fan.

I am a life-long home team kinda guy. I have raised my family up properly in that fashion. My kids are home-teamers too.

I am not a big fan of baseball except for the playoffs. The games seem to mean more ( they do) and are played with much more passion in October.

The Phillies are going to win this one. I know they lost last nite, but they are enjoying themselves and when you enjoy what you do you do it well.

I read somewhere that Philadelphia has not "won" anything in 96 seasons and no, I do not count the Soul. I also read that Indiana University did a study and found that when the home team wins everyone in that town's confidence is increased making for stronger healthier people.

I have to admit confidence amazes me.

Go Phillies!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


the moon is 7/8th's full least that's what my beautiful wife said, I was never good at fractions. I think it is FULL on Tues...but right now it is lighting uo the cobalt sky like never before. so brite and such lite.

take note...look at the sky---appreciate it. where I am it is as clear as could be, not a cloud in site.

fall is coming...some trees were pure yellow today and others are begining to turn red and golden...the air is cool and crisp.

the harvest is just about complete. tomorrow the last fresh pesto will be made and I will search for the last ripe raspberry, but I think they are all gone. maybe I will find one....the sweetness to be cherished until next summer?
may my days here be strong and lived for truth and good. may yours too.

Friday, October 10, 2008

get up stand up....don't give up the fight

Get Up Stand Up---written by Bob Marley and Peter Tosh

....don't give up the fight---the question IS...

what is the fight in this world????

I have seen good and I have seen evil...I will fight the evil of the world by spreading the good.

When you see and hear the evil - go to the good, think of the good. Stand up for the good.

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Philippians 4:8

Monday, October 06, 2008

Today's Gas Price

Taken Monday 10/6/08 @ around 5:30 PM

New Jersey & you.....perfect together!

Yesterday the wife and I filled up before heading to DC @ 2.99 and when we got home one day later....the new price per gallon is---2.93!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

NJ Gas & the eagles

There are only two states in the Union where it is illegal to pump your own gas....NJ being one of them. Early in the week we were seeing gas prices @ 3.05 and 3.09 per gallon. I thought...maybe, just maybe gas will dip below 3.00 and 'lo and behold it did.
Of course right after we filled up at our local station as pictured we passed another Jersey station that had it @ 3.97!!! New Jersey---you can't pump and the prices are hard to beat.

As to the eagles....ugh! I thought the Chi-town game was embarrassing enough. I could not figure for the life of me how we lost that one after playing so hard against the cowgirls and then taking it to the former steel curtain and then........

On Sun afternoon of all things to do while we played the 'Skins...I was driving to DC. When we left Jersey for DC we had seen the score go from 14-0 to 14-3. Wow, I thought---here's the team I banked on this year....crushing the fake skins as expected. The next thing I know, just north of Baltimore we tuned into the game---14-23---WHAT!?
Are u kiddin' me???????

Hey Andy Reid----what's the deal here??????

So we've got the 2-2 49ers next and then a bye followed by Atlanta---there has to be a win in there

Friday, October 03, 2008

Harvest of Praise

Harvest of Praise is an event by Pastor Greg Laurie. He has been coming to Philly for years. The admission is free and they had Jeremy Camp, Leeland & The Katinas on Fri.

Interesting note---the event is FREE and it focuses on God with some major acts and speaker and yet....I recently paid 60.00 per tix to see Santana...the face value was 110.00 per tix. Santana sold out. The Harvest event had about 10,000 people in a 30,000 seat arena.
Why do people deny God?

The event was free and obviously the muscians were not of Carlos' stature...but c'mon! Why?!

So it wasn't empty, but did I mention it was FREE?????

Go figure...seriously....God is again rejected and yet....He loves us all!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

1st Guitar Lesson

today I took my first TRUE guitar lesson---what a blessing!

CHORD- a combination of three or more notes that blend harmoniously when sounded together

life is changing....yet again.

i miss my inspirations from so many

it is time to find inspiration in new people

i have been dwelling onthepast, past relationships...time to create anew and cherish them

live today friend

tomorrow is but a dream