Saturday, May 31, 2008



there's this song....Running w/the Devil
van halen did it

"the simple life ain't so simple"

this life, the ONE you are living right now...

who are you running with?

there is only light or dark


love is the answer
( my love is rotten to the core)
give to give
love to love
I've been t0 the edge
GOD is more amazing!
die to yourself
let HIM rule.
teacher, teacher

Friday, May 30, 2008

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Gilberto and the blog

Gilberto works for me and I have befriended him over the past few weeks. Gil told me he feels old @ 23 and feels like he has accomplished nothing. I asked him to define accomplish....he couldn't. I asked him if he were the architect and I was the construction manager of the World Trade Center to tell me....if we were those people---WHAT have WE accomplished? Gil thought and thought and thought and finally said----"nothing". I then said, Gil if I believe in someone and encourage them and show them love.....what have I accomplished?
He was thinking.

I told him to think all day----I always do ;)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

BIG days--short NITES!

everyday is BIG---HUGE!

today we had the annual Pine Barrens Tri- My dad owns the race and we direct it. we had 100 participants today and it went like clockwork-

this afternoon i napped and then gardened in Shangri La for a bit (just about my favorite activity)

TONIGHT it is Devotchka @ the TLA on South and probably a Jim's Steak @ one point. It's a solo evening, but what's a music lover to do?????

life is good folks, but ETERNAL LIFE IS BETTER!

It's 815 on a saturday nite and I just brewed a fresh cup, gonna grab a shower and head-out to the city for the show. Start time is 900 w/two openers.....gotta remember my banana shakers (this is where they originated) and grab some cash---let the nite be l o n g

see you in the AM

with great love,


(PS--Devotchka did the music for little miss sunshine and they will be on conan mon nite if you want to expand your horizons)