Tuesday, February 17, 2015

today is the day (poetic justice)

yesterday is too late. 

too late, for what is gone. 

let's move forward 

- onward - 

see the moments for what they are 


they are the here, the now. 

tomorrow is not here

tomorrow is a fantasy

today is here
today is now
moments are now

take advantage of the moments

let them define you

let them be you
you become them

bask in now
delight in today
for today is not everyday
all we have is now
right now
right here

Saturday, February 14, 2015

laying down one's life for a friend

There is much here!! What started out as a simple lead into the verse - "Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends". And then it led to the fact that we are not servants of Christ, but "friends".

And FRUIT - FRUIT - FRUIT - bear fruit. Oh how I hope I am. I think I am. Fruit is usable. Are my actions in the world causing fruit to be developed? Is that fruit for the greater good of God?
I think to worry about this, is, in the words of Solomon - "meaningless". 

If you let Jesus be the "vine", and He is a GOOD vine., and of you are the branch, and you let God prune you as a branch....cutting out portions of YOUR branch, that well....need cutting out. If you let that all happen - you ARE being fruitful. 

Our fruit is not measured by man or by ourselves. For God knows the vine well.....it is his son. And from the vine come the branches.....we, the branches, bearing fruit to glorify God, by loving others and treating them as such as our father treats us. Hallelujah amen, hallelujah amen.

There was a time when I would read God's word and I felt like I was going in circles. None of it would make sense. It happens. But if we actively seek out the truth. We will find it. 100% guaranteed. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Study Links Intelligence to Driving Habits

A recent study of New Jersey drivers showed that the use of headlights during dawn, dusk and inclimate weather is a sign of superior intelligence among humans.

Research conducted over 47 years thru diligent observations has been accredited among top philosophers in the Delaware Valley.

Studies further cited that people who use their blinkers within the required 100 feet prior to turning were of the highest IQ level.

The final results are as follows; if a driver exhibits all four of the following traits below, they are a person of uber intelligence.

How many of these do you practice?

a) headlight use at dusk and dawn
b) headlight use during inclimate weather
c) proper 100' blinker use prior to turn
d) snow removal from car roof*
These folks were not only found to be of incredible intelligence, but also, accumulated  great wealth, so much in fact that most had private drivers.

*snow removal from car rooftops was found to be of intelligence equivalent to Albert Einstein