Friday, April 22, 2005


So a horse & carriage just ran into our building at 6th & Chestnut. A cry of "loose horse" resonated thru the Philadelphia police radios and chaos erupted in a one block range. Scattered injuries were reported but no one sought medical attention 'cept the horse who is reported to be fine albeit some hyperventilating and cuts/scrapes/bruises.
Apparently the carriage driver was not paying attention and the horse must have reacted nervously to something and ran up the curb running into the mutli-story Public Ledger Building (where I work) and after hearing a big bang/scrape I peered out the window only to see a riderless carriage w/o a horse but after standing tippee toe I saw that the horse was on the ground struggling to rise up, then it got to it's feet and ran off of the sidewalk and barreled down Chestnut St the wrong way (thank goodness no cars were coming) the horse got to 7th St and turned right which is good since it is a one way street, running the way the horse turned, as the horse turned the carriage took out the traffic lite, pole and was then noticed that the horse, for no reason, stopped prior to reaching Market St.

Now think of this....this was a common occurrence just over 100 years ago....