Tuesday, June 20, 2006

breaking nite

i recently read a book called Randon Families; basically about real people growing up in the Bronx. There was nothing earth shattering about the book and it was an ok read...I guess what struck me is how we are a product of our environment. The people in this book were poor, really poor and yet they did not ever talking about being poor...they tried to do everything we do and they did not always confront the faults of life. there was a phrase used in the book: breaking the nite, that was when you stayed up all nite...you broke it, the nite. We, as a culture do not confront the REAL issues. We do not take responsibility for our actions...we need to. Look in the mirror and when you leave it...know who you are. I know who I am and I do not always like who I am. Ask yourself, who am I? What have you done to change the world? I guess I cannot write this w/o telling you who I am. I am, but an imperfect man, but a man nonetheless. I have accomplished little in the eyes of man and society, but accomplished much for Him whom I am bound. He knows me and He forgives me. Forgiveness you ask? For who for what? For me. My impurities are many and sometimes overcome me. It is 1:19AM and although I will not "break the nite", tonite, I will look at the stars and the darkness of the sky. When daylight comes, like my impurities, I will have new opportunites and a newness with Him who loves me. He also loves you. He loves you so much. He wants to have you pursue Him. What are you waiting for? Look for Him, feel Him, He is there...read about Him...try to understand Him. Stop and think....there are no answers anywhere, but in His word. Nothing has changed in this world with the way of people. When will we "get it".
The time is now, not later, later is to late. Don't wait to break the nite, don't wait to discover Him. The time hs come...look for Him, you will see.

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