Sunday, May 20, 2007

yesterday transform into TODAY--

The Present-
Yesterday was such a whirlwind that today has taken on a "blahness".

Why does that happen?
I don't seen to have purpose today.

Yesterday was jam-packed, today is, generally for me, a day of rest, yet I am just kinda hangin' out.

Yesterday I oversaw a race with 140 participants. Managed over 25 people for the event and was, the director the man-in-charge.
The race was incredibly received and a huge hit. Kudos for all!
Then after napping for one measley hour I went to catch Elvis Costello at a intimate venue and rocked out just a mere 8' from him for a 2.5 hour show!
After the show I even saw Elvis getting in his car and we exchanged pleasantries.

Today....the lawn mower would not work.
I took my daughter's car to the repair shop
went through an excercise of taking off one of her tires and then having
the car fall off the jack w/o the tire worries...everything is okay.

It's just blah.
blah blah blah

Church was good
Planned out some long-term stuff for some hurting members. Things went nice.
I think the truth is....I am overwhelmed. I feel like I am in to deep.
I knew May would be packed and it is.....I will be glad when June is here.

So much to do before Friday this week and yet I feel like I am treading water.

Like I tell others-
It is what it is.
We will get done what we can.

Hopefully God will grant us the days and if He does....what will we do with them?

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