Saturday, December 22, 2007

America, home sweet home

ahhhhhh......Born in the USA! Home of hot dogs, apple pie and my Scion XB! I earn a living off of RETAIL, but I think America is going to far!!! How much more retail can we build?! I have heard of the container store and like it's a little obvious as to what they sell......BUT ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Americans have clean drinking water in hot or cold and most of us own more pairs of shoes then we should. I mean are we blessed or what? Sometimes I wonder?!

Jesus hung with the poor. The really, really poor. People that didn't own more then one pair of shoes or quite possibly didn't own any. I mean can you imagine not owning a single pair of shoes?

So now, we Americans have so much stuff that we needed a store that sells stuff to put our stuff in......containers.

Sometimes I think the camel trying to get through the eye of the needle is me.

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