Saturday, May 17, 2008

BIG days--short NITES!

everyday is BIG---HUGE!

today we had the annual Pine Barrens Tri- My dad owns the race and we direct it. we had 100 participants today and it went like clockwork-

this afternoon i napped and then gardened in Shangri La for a bit (just about my favorite activity)

TONIGHT it is Devotchka @ the TLA on South and probably a Jim's Steak @ one point. It's a solo evening, but what's a music lover to do?????

life is good folks, but ETERNAL LIFE IS BETTER!

It's 815 on a saturday nite and I just brewed a fresh cup, gonna grab a shower and head-out to the city for the show. Start time is 900 w/two openers.....gotta remember my banana shakers (this is where they originated) and grab some cash---let the nite be l o n g

see you in the AM

with great love,


(PS--Devotchka did the music for little miss sunshine and they will be on conan mon nite if you want to expand your horizons)

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