Saturday, August 23, 2008

busy day in the neighborhood

1. help my beautiful wife set up for haircut for missions

2. run to my dad's to make sure his cat; Tuffy is ok before he returns from Bejing

3. go to circuit city to return the HDMI cable that Comcast (whom is to rich) gives you for free
(Cicuit City denied the return with the receipt and directed me to return it to a diff. CC store--long story)

4. Stop @ SJ Pretzel store for the best pretzels in the world

5. Go to Macy's and pick up a gift for the lovely wife

6. Pick-up bikes from repair shop

7. Look @ fixing the doorknob in bathroom----Tail's got locked in there the other nite for like 45 minutes till he finally woke Sean they want the doorknob repaired---go figure!

8. Get beautiful cherry wood for front porch window (very exciting)

9. Stop at the specialty hardware store to get parts for doorknob

10. Old Navy rtn and stop @ Modell's for Taylor ( I am thinking about not doing this)

11. bring my wife lunch

12. stop blogging & git busy!!

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