Thursday, November 06, 2008

Pics from Mon

Ben lives @ Big Sur and works the parking lot in the middle of nowhere. He pays 50.00 a month to live in a dorm and work in a state park. He reads, draws and talks to people.
Ben had suggested a trail to the coast to see "purple sand" and the beach. He said we would have to get our feet wet.

Our feet got wet & muddy....the mud was amazing spa treatment like mud and it was free!
I hiked the entire hike barefoot and when we told Ben what I had done he called me a savage.

Look close or click on the pic to to see the fox. I thought it was a grey fox....Ben said they don't have grey foxes....only red, so it was a red fox.

After this hike we took a 2nd hike to see more wintering monarchs. We had a really, really hard time finding them, but we did. Deep in a Eucalyptus tree grove. Standing in a small clearing and having like 20 butterflies flittering about you is like pure fantasy.

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