Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oprah Letter

Dear Ms. Winfrey:

It is my understanding that your television show recently highlighted a "homeless tent city" in San Diego in an effort to....well I am not sure what your purpose was.

It is my understanding that now, these people will have a place to go.

Has anyone ever considered that maybe these people wanted to be there?

Just wondering since for thousands and tens of thousands of years mankind has lived in "his or her" environment that now, due to your broadcast of the plight of these tent cities in America; cities are now going after the homeless.

Ms. Winfrey...maybe I am ignorant to your television program and your purposes, but I am hoping that when you aired the segment on your show you gave San Diego solutions to the homeless problem. I try to teach my friends/families/co-workers that it is best to come forth with solutions and not just "identify the problem(s)", but again I am sure you did just that and provided San Diego and countless other cities with solutions to their problems.....not that I thought they were problems, but I guess you did.


T. Perazzelli

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