Thursday, December 20, 2012

today's task

The task before us is at times arduous and seemingly endless.

And yet we push onward.

What is the motivation needed to remain steadfast and on course?
Where does that confidence come from?

What are the goals and objectives of the day?

Simple, simpler, simplest.

Movies and television are engineered so that each and every millisecond of the feature is planned. There is not a blink of an eye, a glance, nudge or gesture that is not recorded with reason. Every nuance is purposefully utilized. For in the end, each of those milliseconds is invaluable to tell the story.

Our story and use of these milliseconds is equally invaluable.

These moments are to be taken and cherished beyond reason and shared with the world and it is in this, and by doing so, we can give glory to God in the highest. For these moments are His and the true and unabashed joy of this life is found nowhere but in Him.

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