Friday, July 12, 2013

where to find motivation

It's easy to be motivated when someone else encourages you and then that doesn't last. 

It's easy to have confidence when everything is going well, and that too doesn't last. 

When you are out there on your own, which is more times then not, when the rubber hits the road, then we see what we are made of. 

Remember that guy stuck in a canyon in Utah who amputated his own arm?
((wiki Aron Ralston for the full story or better yet...catch the movie)) 
Guess he wanted to live. He certainly had motivation. Life was his motivation. While he was stuck and dehydrated he dreamt, he had a vision of a baby that he would one day have and he did. 

That is vision. 

They are tied together - motivation and vision. 

I believe motivation and confidence, they come from our very own vision and when we don't have vision...well do we have true motivation and confidence?

And what gets in the way of this vision...the can'ts/have nots/will nots/should nots/the giver uppers and things that are impossible. Dr. Seuss so eloquently call this "the waiting place" in "Oh, the places you will go!"

All of the above can be summed up as this - we are what gets in the way of OUR vision(s). It's ourselves we are the obstacle(s). 

One of my favorite quotes has always been a dreamer kind of quote 

Create the Vision
Articulate the Vision
Then Relentlessly Drive it to Completion

Go ahead, get out of your way and dream.

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