Saturday, November 15, 2014


There are times in life where I drift, drift aimlessly through time and space, space defined by wherever my feet are planted, but when you drift....your feet aren't planted and herein lies the __________.
problem  -  opportunity  -  dilemma  -  chance 

I think it is our civic duty to ourselves to take the all that life dishes out and weather the storm.
God says;  "you will have trouble". And we all have, and will have trouble....until, until....until....until?

So I drift through life for the past month or so wondering and dreaming. Hoping to reach shore.

I oft wonder just what and where is the shore?

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Tate Perazzelli said...

inspired by an impromptu convo on a lost/loved one with a friend and while listening to Damien Rice's new disc, which is deep.