Wednesday, December 03, 2014

say yes

I have devoted myself to my job for the majority of my life - 50 and 70 hour work weeks. 
Work has always been easier for me to deal with then being a husband or a father.
After all, I am a boss at work - they listen to me. 
                                                   Aryn and I at the WXPN music fest         Knight Park Ultimate Frisbee with Sean and Taylor

About five years ago I determined to change the way I lived and worked. I made a pact with myself to make time for my children whenever they ask. Most of you probably do this already, but I would always be to busy to make time for my family putting work and others before them. 
                   One of a gazillion trips to Moe's!                  Working together                      Taylor and I travel for food!

This all came about because of our youngest child Taylor, I realized, I did not know him and I needed to change that and change it now. Those changes don't happen overnight as the non-existence of the relationship certainly did not happen overnight.

I began the journey with one simple pact - make time for my children whenever they ask. DON'T LET WORK OR MY SELFISHNESS GET IN THE WAY.

So far this has been working. I haven't slipped up too many times. And I do catch myself getting ready to say...hey, I have to do "this" and "that" or "whatever", instead of saying yes to lunch or the movies. And in the end, I enjoy that time with my children even though they aren't children anymore. 

these pics were taken 25 years ago
make the changes

take the initiative

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