Saturday, August 08, 2015


The ceiling leak that has plagued our house for 26 years is indicated by some drywall that fell yesterday. 
        (aforementioned ceiling) 

The back window still needs to be replaced. 

The threshold remains unfinished. 

Family has it's ups and downs and downs 

I swam at the jersey shore yesterday. Most serious undertow I've ever possibly felt. Am I getting old. 

If we sell the house we need to do some wiring, fix all the concrete sidewalk, take care of all the illegal water piping I've completed to prevent some basement flooding (it still floods), not to mention the normal painting etc...

Life is unconquerable, or is it?

It doesn't end - the pluses, the minuses. I like the pluses. 


I want to conquer the unconquerable. 

 and I struggle. 

I grasp with my imperfections, my faults, my downfalls. 

I can wallow in them. 


The faults loom,. the insecurity glistens and yet.....


God is the only way to conquer the unconquerable.

His grace. 
His forgiveness. 
His love. 

Knowing He loves me, knowing my home is not here

live the life he lived


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