Monday, March 21, 2016

Roger's Wisdom

It was just about 10 years ago that I bumped into Roger on what was a typical work day.

Roger and his wife Punni have owned Liberty Chicken in the Bourse Food Court for some 30 years and they always ask how my family is with the most genuine sincerity that one cannot help but answer them.

Roger had watched all three of my children work for me in my corporate retail job at one time or another.

Roger - How's the family Tate?

Me - good's just Sean. 

Roger looks at me for a further explanation as if I needed prodding to continue. 

Me - Well......Sean called in December to say he was dropping out of college and going to live on someone's couch off campus.

I look at Roger for approval of my discomfort of this statement and find none so I continue.

Me - Here it is February Roger and he hasn't had a job since he dropped out and Sean called me today to tell me he got a job.

Roger smiles. 

Me - Sean got a job delivering pizzas' five days a week from 11:30 - 1:00 PM.....that's 1.5 hours of work per day!!

Roger smiles with his knowing eyes. 

Me - Like what does he think! He hasn't worked for months. He's living on someones couch! He got a job for like 2 hours a day delivering pizzas!! Really!!!

Roger - Where do you think Sean will be in ten years?

Me - I don't know

Roger - Do you think any of this you describe will matter in ten years with Sean?

Me -, I don't think it will matter Roger.

It's been ten years since that conversation. On that day I encountered wisdom. Roger was right; ten years have gone by and none of that stuff really mattered.  Sean is a wonderful son with a good job, is married to a wonderful woman and they are expecting.

I share Roger's wisdom often.

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