Wednesday, March 22, 2006

the continued tirade

oh reader, i continue onward....last nite Bret and i went to the famed brooklyn tabernacle church to pray and PRAY we did.
prayer and praise and thanks, and prayer and praise and thanks, and PRAYER and PRAISE and THANKS.....Bret and I cannot communicate the experience, it has to be experienced.

a few things i noted;
1. you can get to NYC in less then 1.5 hours with a moderate driver (not me) between the hours of 4-5:30----AMAZING what God CAN do!
2. all types of people from all walks of life
3. the church body was like a city within itself and they UNABASHADLY came forward for prayer
4. no boredom and no sense of time from 6:00PM to 9:00PM
5. no was about Christ not us.
6. muscial instruments are awesome
7. i love to sing to God
8. PJC as they call him (Pastor)......people, folks, certain people contain certain habits it charisma, call it fortitude.....when you believe in people and when they believe in themselves and they are leaders and they have vision (that comes from God).......LOOK OUT!
9. God is awesome, magnificent, incredible
10. the Dunkin' Donuts on the corner in Brooklyn does not have a bathroom.
11. starbucks on the NJ turnpike closes @ 10:00PM
12. i want to take all of my friends to Brooklyn Tab
13. God is good....all the time
14. you can drive home from NYC to south jersey in less then 1.5 hours
15. and the number one notation of note......unity in Christ is the ain't rocket science it's God's word!


adam said...

So when will there be a collingswood tabernacle prayer meeting (with humming of course)?

flick said...

I will never go to that Dunkin Donuts!

Chris said...

I have driven to NYC in 1 hour 15 minutes so yes it can be done. Sounds like a great experience...