Saturday, March 18, 2006

i have to much

i have to much many coats, to many shoes, to many hats and to many books....junk, pack rat WHATEVER----to live here, in AMERICA is to have is time to slim it down....lose some stuff and appreciate the small of life.

i can never have enough friends or meet enough people.
i can never encourage enough people or smile enough.
i can never say thank you enough.
i can never help others enough.
i can never love enough.
since i can't accomplish the above and have already accomplished the far above i will continue to strive to smile more and love more and meet more people and make more best friends. i will work towards saying thank you more and helping others more.....

thanks for your patience with me.

the mere thought of you, yes you reader makes me smile be it whatever your name the fact that you exist is wonderful and beautiful and if i ever have the opportunity to tell you so i hope i tell you so, it is in my thoughts, names run rampant thru my mind as i type this, all of your are special. i have taken the God loves you and so do i we all should.
follow the path of Christ.
give your life to him.
humble yourselves.

i believe.
i shout it out.......JESUS IS LORD!

continue to search it out and don't get caught with to much distracts.

1 comment:

adam said...

not only do i have too much stuff, I have too much stuffing...time for the annual slim down. I am simply living too large.