Thursday, July 06, 2006

work and school and life

the question is; what is your life?

work- many people feel that work defines them and in many ways it does, but do you want it to define you.

school- all to many of us view school as a place of community and then extend that community to work. let's just tackle school. no matter how hard you is not forever. the community you experience in school will eventually disappear.

life- so i do you define yourself. if a picture of you was in the dictionary and next to that was your full name how would the definition read. would it just say "human being" would it read like the fruits of the spirit, loving patient, kind?

don't take all of this too seriously, but do. I am still working on my defintion except for one is my attempt to be as Christ-like in all.

this was the serious post

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