Tuesday, March 27, 2007

today or March 27, 2007

First....apologies. I know I have not been here for you, but I have found other things to consume my time which is my most precious commodity.

ROCK-N-ROLL---here we go!

I broke over 10,000 songs about a month ago....no fanfare, Apple didn't come and give me any free itunes or anything. Breaking 10,000 songs took ME, over 3 years. It's a lot of music. Not sure when I will ever get to listen to it all, but I have it nonetheless. I also am not working towards any more ipod goals either.

why I am posting 2nite.
seems I caught a live show, tonite and by myself to boot. I have several friends (Tony-Mark-Bill) that catch movies by themselves ALL the time. I have never, ever been to a movie by myself....it just doesn't seem right.
I started going to concerts by myself last summer. First it was Guster w/Ray LaMontagne and then Devotchka. The Guster show did not go that well....the Devotchka show did. Before I go any further....let me say that LaMontagne and Devotchka are INCREDIBLE bands. I highly recommend their albums and shows to anyone.

They leave EVERYTHING out there....let's say a big E for effort.
Effort is important. Passion comes to mind.

Tonite, at the very last minute. I went and got 3rd row seats @ the TLA which is a very small venue on South Street in Philly. I went to Jim's and got the obligatory scrumptious cheesesteak wit wiz and onions....what can I say....I could make a whole blog post on the cheesesteak from Jim's.

Tonite I saw Lindsey Buckingham---1st off he's a guy and secondly he is an artist. Phenomenal show. Great venue. I got to play the guitar; I was touching his strings during Go your own Way; which is a big Fleetwood Mac hit. That's who Lindsey is---Fleetwood Mac's guitar player--but what he really is is Lindsey Buckingham--guitar master.

Live music---when done right---is amazing.

God is amazing all the time---for He is what is good and right.

I went by myself- I had a blast. I met some cool people and I witnessed some not so cool people. But, what I really did is cut loose and enjoy the day---afterall it was March 27, 2007. Which, as of this writting was completed 3 minutes ago. Which brings us to the true meaning of this post----today is march 28, 2007...it is THE ONLY ONE EVER!
experience today with passion and love.
feel the sunshine....gaze @ the sky. look at the world anew.
know that you were made in God's image.
He loves you.
Show that love to all.....no, really show that love to all.

gd' nite

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