Sunday, November 11, 2007

Technology is great????

Is technology great? I bleed Camp Manatawny it would be almost natural that I bleed E A G L E S G R E E N as well.

So here I sit, on the train on a Sunday going to work and spend the nite in DC and I get to listen to the Eagles this a good thing????
It's almost halftime and the birds are down 12-7.
Hearing it can almost be as painful as watching.....yet.....


23 seconds left in the half......Eagles just crossed the 50, no timeouts and need @ least 15 yards for a field goal.....I say forget the 3 points....go for 6!
McNabb in the shotgun.....Redskins offside...YES!
Here we go....on the 40. Deep snap---INCOMPLETE! And again another incomplete....the time is now to score....3rd & 5 and he looks he fires the ball to Curtis and MY INTERNET CONNECTION GOES OUT!!!

The internet comes back as Mike Quick says.....chalk this up to another "missed opportunity"

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Anonymous said...

It's okay Tate. Being an Eagles fan requires great faith, just like being a Christian. Can't wait to see you and the crew at the Switchfoot concert.