Wednesday, January 02, 2008

love is the answer

A photo, that, to me, means love.
My good friend Gerry after baptising his daughter several years ago.
The look on Gerry's face says it all.
Tonight I interceeded by request, in a dispute between two young siblings.
It was rough.
The solution was amazing.
Love, love, love.
Love is not always mushy either.
Sometimes love is tough.
In this case it was both.....mushy and tough.
The final answer will not be known for a lifetime for God judges the heart in the end
But after the dispute,
after the formality and others had disappeared
the hugs were returned,
they embraced back.
The hardened hearts or what were thought to be hardened hearts,
embraced back
love cures
love loves
I know it sounds easy
I know it doesn't always seem to work
but true,
unconditional love,
will always prevail
even if you think you failed
love prevails
love is Christ

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