Wednesday, September 24, 2008

SF vs. Philly

This one is so good I had to call my favorite 49ers fan and let him know....

So I'm working in the store and this tough kinda looking dude with a San Fran tee on and I start chatting it up. Seems he's here for work and is taking in the Philly experience. As we continue chatting he mentions how he went to the Eagles/Steelers game on Sunday and that he had worked from 1990 till just last year as an usher @ the 49ers he worked through the Montana/Rice years and Steve Young---wow! Remember the game with Detmer going down? This guy was THERE!!! And then he my 19 years of being an usher for the 49ers....I never, ever heard a crowd like the one Sunday @ the Eagles game....never!

It was only game three baby....look out world--HERE WE COME!

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