Monday, September 01, 2008

unique settings

this is a pic of a liquor store just outside of DC. it always strikes me as unusual...kinda barred up and lots and lots of open signs. LIQUOR has power----just like money or at least people are led to believe it does....have power. It is actually the power of the devil. Yup, you heard right---Satan himself---see this world is the devil's and unless you SEEK GOD out and put Him in your life then you will power. money and liquor and drugs are all FAKE power!! Power is in humility.
The devil owns earth until Christ comes again----this is a battle cry---I have seen the pain of the world and it comes from Satan.
( this past week---I caught three people that were stealing @ work. A good friend of mine had his wife file a restraining order against him and another good friend had his father pass away from cancer)
This WORLD IS NOT MINE!!!!!!!! Someday I will be with Him who gives life.

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