Monday, February 09, 2009


Today I became the deacon of missions @ my church.

I also prepared the worship songs....most would say I led singing...I am really struggle on "what" to call song leading. I really see leadership as serving....

It was an amazing day

Glory to Him!

Becoming a deacon (for the 2nd time...long story :) was awesome in the fact that I now have purpose in my church body...we can say, more purpose lol.

The most beautiful or amazing part of the day today was when the house arose in the 8:00 AM hour. My favorite daughter had to work today so she did not attend worship :( HOWEVER....unlike the days of my children longing to jump in my arms and be cuddled and loved today was marked by one of the most simplest of things. A verbal sigh. if you will from my daughter when, as we readied for church and she prepared for work she realized I would be singing w/the church with our prepared songs.....when she realized that, and knew she would not be in attendance she sighed. It was as if she ran into my arms upon my arrival home from work when she was five years old.....that "sigh" of her disappointment.

People are to be cherished and loved.

Life is, but a mist.

live it before it evaporates.

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