Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I am a live music junkie and am as skilled as anyone can be in obtaining tickets for shows. It really is a dice roll. What with pre-sales and exclusive memberships it is always a bear. I have "slept out" for countless shows at countless malls and ticket venues and sometimes these sleepouts were in vain. Springsteen....1st in line @ the door only to be etched out 100% and not get a ticket due to people's names on a line list that were not there all night.

I don't like to present the problem and not have a viable solution as in this case....and I don't have a solution. Scalpers exist because WE, not necessarily me, are willing to use money for our means. I have seen it. A good friend of mine purchased super expensive Police tickets and I guarantee she could not name the 1st album....money can talk and talk powerfully.

So why all this ranting and raving???

Ray LaMontagne-- 4/4/08 @ the Tower in Philly....8th row! S-W-E-E-T
and not just two tickets, but 4!

I missed out on Springsteens tixs yesterday that conveniently went on sale the day after his Superbowl performance, and more then likely I will hit that show ( i have my secrets)....but right now I have 4 tixs to see a man who really has passion....and that is something I love to see.

now...who to bring.
I think I have that figured out too....will try and let you know later ;)

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