Wednesday, June 17, 2009

luck....i think not

So, like I met this guy who happens to be the tight-end coach for the Philadelphia Eagles~~~ MY TEAM, bar none. I have met a few players here and there...but never like "hung" with 'em mind you and I hung with Mr. Melvin....I mean like he cooked me a burger and it was good!

So.....yes, I was sure to bring up TO and various Eagles things although I DID NOT bring up Brian D. Hey.....that was a mistake and we all know it.

But you know when you talk about Jeffrey and his leadership, I mean after all he is the owner you can't really, really argue the team's success I mean can you???? HowmanytimesintheNFCchampionship???????

But Tom said over and over~~ LUCK, sometimes it takes luck, we just needed a little luck, we needed to get lucky and so on and so forth and I kept my mouth shut (not as hard as you think) and you know what? I DON'T BELIEVE IN LUCK~ NOT ONE STINKING BIT.
Now go out there and WIN a championship the way one's supposed to be won....

thank you

sorry about that

I lost a bit of control there.

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