Thursday, December 31, 2009

Full Body Scan Cost


I looked hi & lo to find out how much a full body scan machine costs and could not find that info. The US has 560 airports so I would give serious consideration for those who have invested their monies in H1N1 Anti-viral medications to now switch their money over to the body scan machine manufactures.

Now let's do some math-
The number of people who died on 9/11/2001 due to terrorist attacks- 3,057
The number of US soldiers killed in Afghanistan & Iraq since 2001- 5,180
The number of people who would have been killed on the potential Christmas Day Terrorist Attack- 300
The % the above total deaths is of the US Population--- Well I am to lazy to figure this one out. The current US Population in 308,397, 541 so what % is 8,537 of our population?

The number of people who die DAILY due to lack of clean water & food is over 24,000.


Imagine if we took the money for the body scan machines and gave it to the countries that need to dig wells and have food....if we did that "good will" over time, would we then have terrorism?

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tater said...

body scan machine costs 160,000.00