Thursday, January 14, 2010

the impossible---DEFEATED (well almost)

Today at 2:00 I decided that I would attempt to catch the 5:05 leaving Union Station DC for Philly with a Matchbox Meat Pizza in tow for the one of my favorite sons, Tails (pictured). Incidentally I have two favorite sons Sean & Taylor.

Since I was at Union Station when I decided this it should have been pretty easy.....right?
I also had to accomplish many tasks between that time and get back to Union with said pizzas.

1. take Metro red line to yellow to Crystal City and get 500 copies of stuff from Kinkos

2. find out that my pre-ordered kinkos stuff was all done in portrait when it was sent to them in landscape....wait an additional 30 minutes. they discount the job by 100.00--it's never about the money's about the people.

3. take metro yellow to pentagon city fashion center mall and have mini conference with store management & order said pizza

4. take yellow to "downtown chinatown" (gosh i love saying that) and pick up pizzas (hey, I ordered one for me too!)

5. take red to union station and distribute some stuff and do some HR and then have a heavy meeting with district's 4:23PM

6. looks like i might accomplish the impossible, but once again I talked too much and missed the train by literally one minute.....i watched it pull away.

bottom line....we will have pizza and the impossible was almost defeated

once again proving that nothing ----hear me loud, hear me clear---


in one hour the pizza will be served in South Jersey....I ordered the classic Fire & Smoke for me and the Matchbox Meat for the men. I had them cook the pizza 3/4's of the way and we will finish them off.

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