Thursday, January 07, 2010

Your goverment @ work

Another case of the ridiculous.

On January 6th we received in the mail the local "South Jersey" phamplet outlining the events surrounding me. I thought it interesting that the brouchere; full color, with sponsored advertising and featuring "Fall/Winter 2009-2010" has only one event listed that is still valid. You see this non-profit goverment appointened entity had a few errors to contend with. Poor printing issues, informational issues, staff cuts, computer glitches and so on.

SERIOUSLY.....this is a non-profit entity run by the Tourism Board of NJ and they just wasted serious monies in mailing out an outdated brochure on S Jersey!!! When I called and questioned them on their practices they said; "they had to use the grant money"....what about starving people people? What about lay-offs and other stuff?! You had to use the money to send this out or lose grant money and cease to exist? Go ahead....cease to exist! You are an embarrassment to the citizens and taxpayers of the state of New Jersey. To print this with MY money is ridiculous, period.

Pamphlet dated Fall Winter with two ( I stand corrected) valid events listed. All other events have passed.

The ol' cliche....if I did my job in the for profit world the way you performed yours.....OUT OF BUSINESS!

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tater said...

I did call the number in the booklet thing. Apparently I am not the only one who called...thank God. I heard excuse after excuse after excuse as to why and how they had messed up....all I kept thinking is that I am sure they all had off for holiday.They do work for the government after all.