Friday, July 30, 2010

people and raspberries

I picked my 1st raspberries today. Picked a handful, I did. I have to keep remembering that it is the hand that plants, the hand that picks and our God that grants sunshine and rain.

Raspberries are easy.

People are more difficult.

I like to share my raspberries with other people.
It's more fun.
We smile.

Jesus has it right.

Turn the other cheek.

Help the robber in the ditch on the side of the road.

They are your neighbors.

Focusing on the needs of others is and can be painful, but it is our calling, it's what Jesus did and we are to be like Him.

I want to be like Christ. I don't need raspberries, but I need fellowship with people.

Remember Tom Hanks in Cast Away?
He made Wilson, for company, companionship, for LOVE.

love, love, love

love, love, love

love, love, love


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