Saturday, January 12, 2013

Don't Give Up

There's this song, a duet with Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel. Simplistic and yet resonant. Kate's voice really makes it and it is a classic.
But it is not the music that really makes it a classic as much as the theme;
"Don't Give Up"

I think a lot of times....I Will Survive too.

It is the hope  though. The hope of tomorrow. The hope of today.

Sometimes it seems hard to have that hope.
And that is why we don't give up.

there are so many things I want to give up on, some things seem like they will never, not ever work out and yet...they always do.

It is in the attitude of not giving up and of having hope and will survive.

And the attitude is within your heart.

Your heart.

Work your heart to have the right attitude.
Work that heart.
keep workin' it, don't give up, just keep workin' it!

Work it to not give up and to have hope. Work it every day and even every hour if you have to to be able to really know...know that God loves you for you.

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Robin Watsun said...

Proverbs 13:12