Tuesday, January 15, 2013


The shark is fearful and ruthless, the shark shows no emotion but yet has confidence. 

On Shark Tank people pitch their businesses to the investors (sharks) for backing and intuitive business skills.

Two fellas pitched Joulies ( http://www.joulies.com/ ) to the sharks. Four sharks teamed together with an investment and shark Mark Cuban ( I love this guy!!) made a solo offer. The Joulies guys passed on Mark's offer. Here is the conversation that ensued- 
Mr. Wonderful: "Mark, you know in the shark tank sometimes you win and sometimes you lose."
Mark: "No, not me"
Mr. Wonderful: "I think you just lost."
Robert: "Wow, I love his confidence even when he's defeated."

I just think that Mark doesn't think he lost, I don't think he ever thinks he lost, and yes Robert; that is confidence. 

Me, it's hard to not ever think you lost. So many things seem to work against us. Even God's word says
"and we know that for those who love God all things work together for good", which means that no matter what, not even death, all things work together for good. This is where I strive to be, no matter what happens, or is happening I keep that faith. 

When you think of the horrors of the world, keeping confident can be challenging.

I think Mark Cuban totally gets it. He may or may not have faith in God, but he has the right attitude, and when you have God we are called to have that attitude. 

Have that attitude, have that confidence. 


Robin Watsun said...

Philippians 3

Tate Perazzelli said...

mistakenly read Proverbs 3 and found v. 26 interesting- "for the Lord will be your confidence"
Onto Philippians.